Investors Now Invest in OEX Options as Housing Prices Slip

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Real estate will always provide for great investment opportunities; however, it's not always a good time to buy. As the US housing market begins to stall or even decline in many areas, investors have discovered many newer investment vehicles such as e-minis, QQQQ, and OEX Options. All of these are stock option investments on the S and P 500, the Nasdaq, and the S and P 100.

Former real estate investors are drawn to these newer investment vehicles because they can provide much quicker profits than real estate. On the flip side, you can also lose a lot of money quickly if you don’t do your homework.

As an OEX option is a financial instrument that gives you the right to buy or sell a specific stock at a certain price within a set period of time – these options can be bought and sold with flexibility.

Although many investors also invest in the stock market, the stock market is actually more volatile than stock options. Recent market conditions show that massive "whipsaws" in the market - where there are 300 point "moves" to the Dow over a few days - really devastates the returns of stocks and mutual funds. Just think of owning a stock that you buy at the Dow is at 11,600 only to have the Dow drop to 11,000 six days later. Your stock is devastated in value along with the market. With index option trading it is immaterial whether the market goes up or down, whether the economy is good or bad… all you care about is the price of the OEX S and P 100, and where it is “trading.”

Investing in the stock market in 2006 is hard with the age old conservative philosophy of "buy and hold." This doesn't track the high returns that "baby boomers" look for, and investors now constantly buy and sell stocks for higher returns. A tremendous amount of capital is needed to "trade" stocks for good returns.

Investors are learning that OEX index options can leverage higher returns for less money and much less time than real estate. With OEX index options the trading is short…the same day to three day holds, watching only the “trend” of a few days, and investing for quick profits.

“I bought and sold rental properties last year. With the high real estate prices I made great money, but worked hard on the fix up. With housing prices cooling I began investing in OEX index options instead six months ago and have found consistent 30% returns daily and weekly, with much less work and actual risk”, says Michael Blakely, a subscriber to, an educational advisory service.

OEX index option traders can day trade how the S and P 100 will move for the day”, says Floyd Epstein, President of, or “identify the right option for a short 3 day period to maximize profit potential”. Most online “signal” subscription services for OEX index options simply identify the signal. Astute index option traders know much more than “just the prevailing trend”, says Epstein, but “can identify both the trend and the pivot points and support and resistance lines for the day, and trade around it”.

About OEX Options:

OEX Options is an online stock options trading company that specializes in mentoring its clients to learn how to trade stock options on the stock market. The partners at have been trading for over 25 years. Established on the premise to make S and P 100 Blue Chip stocks a simple stock option trading system, OEX Options provides the average stock investor the tools and information to be successful. OEX Options is an online trading resource with daily “signals” and a complete method and approach taught to subscribers and is one of the top index fund option services in the U.S.


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