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At some point in our lives, most of us will be asked to make a toast. Quite often, we have plenty of time to prepare. To reduce the stress and anxiety of making a toast, follow a few simple guidelines: Be Prepared, Keep It Simple, Know Your Audience, End on a High Note. has introduced a new feature called the Party Tool Box. Consistent with the site's mission to make party and event planning easier, the Party Tool Box offers practical information to help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with planning, hosting and participating in all kinds of parties and special events.

One of the Party Tool Box featured sections discusses how to Make Toasts. Some people are naturally great speakers… and then there’s the rest of us. Regardless of your speaking skills, here are a few tips and etiquette guidelines to help make your next toast a successful one.

1. Be Prepared – Have your speech (or notes) written down. Whether you are a good public speaker or not, you never know when you may need a little help. It’s better to be prepared for anything rather than being caught off guard.

2. Keep it Simple – Your toast should be warm and heart felt with words of admiration for the guest of honor. Sometimes "less is more". Try not to exceed to 2-3 minutes, otherwise you risk losing the audience's attention.

3. Know your Audience – Make sure your toast is appropriate for the entire audience. Refrain from making any comments that may make some people uncomfortable, or worse offend them or their family... especially the guest of honor.

4. End on a High Note – Once your toast is complete, ask your audience to raise their glass and cheer the guest of honor. This will clearly define the end of the toast.

Etiquette: When making a toast, it’s best to be standing, unless it’s a small informal gathering. In order to get your audience’s attention, simply stand up and raise your glass in the air. This should cue your audience for what’s about to take place. It’s really not a good idea to bang on your glass with a piece of silverware… you may be left with nothing to toast.

The host or hostess of an event should always make the first toast. If it appears they have no intention of doing so, simply ask if you may say a few words.

The person receiving the toast should remain seated until the end. Once the toast is complete, the honoree usually stands and returns the toast, or simply thanks the host/hostess for their kind words.

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