Oil Analysis Innovation From Insight Services, Inc. Alerts Maintenance Engineers Of Potential Equipment Failure

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Lubricating oil is the lifeblood of industrial plant machinery. Its role in keeping power plants, steel mills, chemical plants and other operations up and running is critical. Analyzing the oil for component wear is crucial to maintaining reliable equipment. Insight Services has developed a new alarming technique, Family Analysis Alarming, to find machine problems much sooner than traditional oil analysis alarming tools.

While it is certainly true that maintaining a healthy, clean lubricant will minimize machine wear, there are still many wear modes that can arise in spite of these efforts. Therefore, it is essential that any oil analysis program has effective alarm limits in place to indicate an unusually elevated rise in wear particles.

Insight Services, an industrial oil analysis lab with headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, has developed a diagnostic tool, which surpasses the alarming techniques used by most laboratories. Instead of using industry machine limits or statistical trend analysis, Insight groups machines by families of manufacturers, performs statistical analysis on the entire family, and then compares your machine to the whole family. A family may consist of identical equipment located in many plants across the country. You might also group equipment together based on load, size, lubrication type, and operating parameters. The wear metal data for an entire family population is evaluated as a whole. The data for each machine is then compared to the family to evaluate its wear rate relative to the family.

Mike Barrett, Insight Services’ Director of Marketing, explains the benefit: “Our customers count on us to uncover machine problems before they turn into major headaches. What he have been able to accomplish with Family Analysis Alarming is to uncover a potential problem much sooner and then run our analytical ferrography to isolate and assess the wear particles. We feel we would rather error on the side of caution to help protect our customers.”

Family Analysis Alarming allows problems to be detected, identified, and resolved before damage occurs, saving a premature equipment failure and replacement costs. A large company could use the program to monitor fleets of similar equipment among their plants, as well as to benchmark performance of individual plants. Small companies with less equipment can compare their wear rates to equipment in many other plants, and take advantage of Insight Services’ extensive database.

Visit the Insight Services web site at http://www.testoil.com or call 1-800-TEST OIL (837-8645) for additional information on oil analysis programs.


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