Knee Braces and Other Therapy Becoming Common Summer Accessories

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A more active population during the summer months has lead to an increase in knee braces and other accessories used to stabilize the knee and offer pain relief. Patented (5,707,333) magnetic therapy devices by Magnatech Labs are providing relief to many knee pain sufferers.

While many consumers are trying to fit into their summer shorts and bathing suits this season, many others are fitting into knee braces to relieve pain so they can enjoy the summer months.

“I love to run, but my knees don’t always love the fact that I run,” Robyn Goldman, 36, New York, NY explains. “There are two things you see me wearing all Spring and Summer and that is my flip-flops and my knee brace,” Goldman says wryly pointing to her magnetic knee brace.

Magnetic therapy is providing countless men and women with pain relief for their knees, backs, elbows, wrists and virtually anywhere they feel chronic or acute pain. “I honestly don’t know how I’d function without my magnetic brace,” Goldman soberly explains.

Magnetic therapy pioneer, Dr. Alvin Bakst, has introduced a line of magnetic therapy accessories that boast the only U.S. patent for pain control (5,707,333). Knee braces, wrist braces, back braces, medallions, bracelets and other magnetic therapy devices are used to disrupt the pain signal before they can be registered by the brain effectively ending pain before it begins.

As the population begins to increase their level of activity as the warm weather approaches, their bodies often fight back. The pain associated with being more active can either leave consumers retreating back to the couch or adding magnetic knee braces and other accessories to their wardrobe.

With a major push by the medical industry to get people more active and more healthy consumers will likely be fitting themselves for knee braces and other magnetic therapy devices at the same time they are trying on shorts, sandals and bathing suits this season.

About Magnatech Labs Inc:

Magnatech Labs, Inc., was founded and established by Dr. Alvin Bakst in 1994. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to researching effective methods of alleviating and eliminating pain in the body without the use of drugs or invasive medical procedures. It has received the only U.S. patent for pain control issued by the U.S. patent office (5,707,333).

Magnatech Labs, Inc. has developed and now manufactures the highest quality magnetic pain relief products available on the market using both ceramic and neodymium magnets placed in a supportive neoprene material to provide maximum comfort and support.

Magnatech Labs Inc:

Dr. Alvin Bakst

44-139 Monterey Ave. Suite B

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Phone: 760-341-5077

Fax: 760-340-4476

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