Relay Sponsorship & Event Marketing Launches Relay SponsorVision in U.S.

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Relay SponsorVision Measures and Predicts Top-Performing Sponsorship Spends -- Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, The Masters, Daytona 500

In an era of TiVo-proofing and breaking out from clutter, Relay Sponsorship and Event Marketing announces Relay SponsorVision, an exclusive digital monitoring solution that computes sponsorship exposure value through the use of optical recognition technology. Exposure value is calculated using exclusive and proprietary methodology incorporating brand exposure clarity, exposure duration, on-screen exposure, screen location and the amount of clutter in which the brand appears. Relay SponsorVision gives leading brands both performance metrics as well as predictive intelligence to determine, in advance, sponsorship investments that will perform.

Among the marketplace, Relay SponsorVision has distinct advantages: Relay SponsorVision is an image recognition system—not pattern recognition. This image recognition system uses processing algorithms based on the human visual system (eye/brain), which outperforms even the most sophisticated machine vision system. In contrast, pattern recognition software works by making a copy of the brand logo (pattern), rotating this through its potential angles, then looking for it on the screen each time. Relay SponsorVision’s image recognition system can report in real time, whereas the pattern system takes substantially longer to produce its results. Moreover, image recognition is more tolerant of blurred images and partial obscuring of images than the less-accurate pattern recognition.

“For our clients, the key value points of Relay SponsorVision are accuracy, swift results and customization—together delivering both after-the-fact performance metrics, but perhaps most importantly, predictive intelligence,” said Relay Chairman and CEO, Wally Hayward. “With Relay SponsorVision, clients have a clear picture beforehand of which in-program sponsorships perform and where to spend those sponsorships dollars.”

More Competitive Advantages of Relay SponsorVision:

·    Speed of turnaround offered by Relay SponsorVision is the fastest on the market—even same-day results are available. Why? The speed of Relay SponsorVision’s image recognition system and minimal manual intervention (especially compared to others relying heavily of human checking and filtering).

·    Relay SponsorVision can track hundreds of brands at a time and on the fly, rather than selecting a short-list and having to decide in advance.

·    While others rely upon estimated advertising rates or average rates published in annual guides (without consideration to seasonal rates, day-parts or program type), Relay SponsorVision offers precise value of an on-air exposure during a given broadcast at a given time.

·    Relay SponsorVision offers superior methodology for calculating “weightings” of brand exposure. Based on eye-tracking studies which follow the point on the screen where the viewer actually looks and then following up by recall questioning, Relay SponsorVision can not only ensure the viewer has looked at a brand, but also how often the viewer’s eye was drawn to the branding and his level of recall.

·    Relay SponsorVision guarantees 97% accuracy.

·    Relay SponsorVision is the only sponsorship exposure intelligence system to offer DVD verification, showing every “hit” of brand exposure for every frame of coverage.

Relay SponsorVision is the first in a series of technology solutions from Relay Sponsorship and Event Marketing. Look for Relay SponsorVision results from the U.S.’s major sporting events in The Wall Street Journal.

About Relay Sponsorship & Event Marketing:

As leading experts in sports, sponsorship, lifestyle and events, Relay Sponsorship and Event Marketing connects brands to passion groups – delivering direct business results through integrated sponsorship marketing platforms and experiential marketing. Relay’s team of specialists provides strategic consulting and idea generation, sponsorship activation and management and flawless event execution for a diverse roster of world-class brands. Relay is a member of the Publicis Groupe network, the world’s fourth-largest communications company.     


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