Image-Conscious Gents Not Just Another Pretty Face with Essentials for Him Skincare

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Move over, ladies. Get ready to start jockeying for more mirror time. You may have given up the remote long ago, and you’ve learned to leave well enough alone when it comes time to fire up the backyard grill. But a new conflict is set to start brewing, and your bathroom mirror is the battleground.

Essentials for Him ( has made it their mission to save men the world over from the flowery, frilly creams so beloved by their female counterparts. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Owner Michele Keiper, along with her real-life family, has created a comprehensive line of high-quality, naturally sourced skincare products that would befit any and every Boy’s Club, no matter what their mindset on all things spa-like.

Behind every great man there is a great woman, often armed with her equally impressive stockpile of potions, lotions and ointments that help her put her best face forward. Although it isn’t uncommon for a guy to sneak a dab of face cream for a little post-shave R & R, what may be well and good for his best gal just doesn’t cut it for a manly-man.

“We developed both our website and the product line to fill a gap in the availability of high-quality, naturally-sourced skincare for men that is reasonably priced,” says Keiper. “Men can use these products with confidence and without the embarrassment of using their wife’s or girlfriend’s products.”

Essentials for Him puts on a bold face for men who aren’t too macho to care for their appearance. Representing the perfect mix of superior, high-quality ingredients and clear-cut application, this innovative and inspired line of lifestyle products is skillfully tailored to the male esthetic.

Armed with the expertise of four years experience that came from developing goods for parent company Flower Peddler Natural Bath Products, the Virginia-based team wanted to make a clear distinction between their already successful women’s line and this new, much sought-after men’s line.

These aren’t merely women’s products masked with manly fragrances and subdued packaging. Each aspect of the product is undeniably masculine, and is asserting the male right to scrub, cleanse and moisturize one big, bold bottle at a time.

“We spent a lot of time researching and building the product line by getting input from the very people who would be using the products,” says Keiper. “Our line has been completely designed for men - from product development to packaging to marketing and website development.”

Whether opting to get Buffed or Toned, looking for a Face Tune Up or a quick Body Detail, every item in the Essentials for Him line is just as playful as it is practical. Inventive packaging and clever names make sense to both skincare aficionados and neophytes alike.

For those men whose grooming routine doesn’t stray much further than a shave and a haircut, the Essentials for Him team has begun to compile useful tips and tutorials on various skincare regimens, such as the art of the perfect shave. Couple that with their extensive encyclopedia of product ingredients and the benefits they provide, Essentials For Him is quickly becoming the every man’s one-stop shop on the road to a more polished, pulled together self image.

In a day and age where more consumers are returning to natural products, Essentials for Him is taking their approach a few steps further by using clean recycled shipping materials whenever possible. Likewise, their use of recyclable product packaging and their efforts to minimize waste during production make virtually every aspect of their day-to-day operation run like a well-oiled, yet environmentally-friendly machine.

The future of the Essentials for Him empire is already underway. With more grooming tutorials in the works, their search for a larger production facility and the possibility of a future brick & mortar shop, the team behind Essentials For Him is flinging open the doors of the once-taboo topic of the sharply-coiffed man.

The soap aisle isn’t just for the ladies anymore. Essentials for Him is making it okay for discerning dudes and metrosexual men alike to take pride in their appearance without resorting to keeping their penchant for styling potions in the closet.

Essentials for Him is a family-owned and operated bath & body company specializing in naturally-sourced skincare for men. All goods are handmade using high-quality ingredients and recyclable packaging. To learn more about Essentials for Him or to purchase their products, please visit them online at, or telephone the company toll-free at 888-569-SOAP.


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