Why All Current Diets Are Doomed to Fail

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All current diets fail because they violate one basic survival principle – they incorporate food that doesn’t fit human genes, says Ori Hofmekler, author of the Warrior Diet™. People must follow a diet that fits their genetic makeup. If they don’t, they will continue on a downward spiral of getting fatter and sicker.

Is it possible that all current diets are failing because they incorporate foods that do not fit human – and astonishingly - not even animal consumption? Can some health foods actually make people fatter and sicker? Surprisingly, yes! says Ori Hofmekler of Warrior Diet™ (http://www.WarriorDiet.com), The Anti-Estrogenic Diet (http://www.Anti-EstrogenicDiet.com) and Defense Nutrition™ (http://www.DefenseNutrition.com). In spite of the ever growing number of diets and health food items, the rate of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease is at an all time high.

The survival of every species depends on its ability to live and eat in accordance with its primal genetic makeup. This is the law of nature.

Each species has its own specific biological needs. Cats don’t eat cucumbers, nor do rabbits eat meat – but what about humans?

Unfortunately, humans are the only specie on this planet that has chosen to eat fake food - food unfit for their genes. People today habitually use artificial sweeteners instead of natural fruits or grain sweeteners; eat imitation cheese made from processed soy instead of fresh raw dairy; use synthetic flavoring instead of natural plant extracts; and add chemical preservatives instead of natural antioxidants.

The human body has never adapted to such a chemical insult. Quite simply, people cannot survive well on food that doesn’t fit their genes.

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Scientists believe that human survival on this planet has depended on the capacity to adapt to environmental factors and to food that existed over 10,000 years ago. This adaptation process is still deeply carved in the human genome.

According to the thrifty genes theory, people today carry the same genetic makeup as the late Paleolithic cavemen, but today’s world is very different from theirs. The food ingested now is not the same as the food to which humans adapted millenniums ago. Many popular food items, including so called “health foods”, virtually don’t fit human genes.

In a recent review in the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers suggested that the main cause for the current epidemic of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer may relate to the failure of current diets to adequately fit human primal genetic makeup.

Even though food is more accessible than ever, much of it does not fully satisfy the body’s real biological needs. Besides being chemically loaded or fake, today’s foods are often highly processed and therefore deficient. Men and women alike are being chronically deprived of certain critical nutrients that would have otherwise provided them with the means to better survive, while sustaining a lean, healthy and functional body.

Along with this view, scientists believe that due to the disappearance of critical nutrients from the modern diet, certain positive phenotypes (properties) of genes, responsible for keeping humans alive, are constantly inhibited. Instead, this causes an over-expression of negative phenotypes of genes, responsible for obesity, metabolic disorders and chronic diseases. If people don’t take action to change their diets, they will continue to become fatter and unhealthier. Apparently, to not actively survive is to passively die.

This all leads to one conclusion: to maintain primal health, the human body requires more than just vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The body must be nourished with the proper foods that fit its genes. For that matter, food must be chemical free and provide additional nutrients that help support and modulate the hormonal system, thereby protecting it against metabolic decline and aging. The human body has been genetically pre-programmed to be nourished and protected in this way.

For more information on this issue and other related topics, log on to http://www.DefenseNutrition.com or call 818-992-1994. Ori Hofmekler is the author of The Warrior Diet and Maximum Muscle, Minimum Fat, published by Dragon Door Publications.

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