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A current list of new releases and upcoming events produced by Innovation Entertainment Group.

At Innovation Entertainment Group, our aim is nothing short of bringing the world together through recorded music and live entertainment events.

New Releases:

Kwanza Jones, “Naked 2: universal fire” (UPC 8-55077-0010-05)

This CD chronicles the artist’s nine-day hike to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. During her trip she wrote a song per day, reflecting upon this life altering experience. Now available at more than 8,000 music retailers, including Tower Records, Circuit City, Virgin Megastores, Barnes & Noble and thousands of independent stores. A current review is available online at: http://www.wrwz.com/cdreviewsKwanzajones.html. We also encourage people to visit Kwanza’s website (http://www.kwanzajones.com) which contains a pictorial slideshow as a companion to the music.

Kwanza Jones, “Victim of the System” (UPC 8-55077-0010-12)

For each purchase of this single from our website (http://www.innovationentertainment.com), prior to August 28, 2006, Innovation Entertainment Group will make a donation to support the continuing relief efforts for hurricane survivors in the Gulf Region.

2006 Lo-Budget Love Compilation CD (UPC 8-55077-0010-36)

Out of more than 200 entries, the five member panel of judges were tasked with selecting only ten songs to be compiled on this CD. The music ranges from Afro-beats to Latin rhythms and world groove written by:

Ruth Van der Marck-Koenders -

She has been writing music for many years in a language that’s spoken only in Suriname (Sranan Tongo). Her inspiration for writing stems from the diverse heritage that makes up Songu community. In her youth, Ruth played flute in several traveling bands, supporting her family through the pursuit of a deep rooted passion for making music that people like. Her song “Boni doro,” which tells the story of a slave who fled to freedom and raised an army with other maroons to fight off the Dutch slavemasters won the prestigious Suripop Award. Ruth is joined by her teenage daughter, Chantel Romeo, who offers a beautiful vocal performance in “Pasensi kado.” This song earned Ruth a special cash grand prize from the executive producers of this compilation CD.

Santa Mamba -

This band is compared to such groups as Santana, Los Lobos, and Mana. They fuse rock and funk with Latin rhythms to form an infectious and reliable sound. Having performed together for more than 10 years, the band is seasoned enough to form a kind of National Geographic Explorer soundtrack. According to George W. Carroll of ejazznews, “[w]hat you hear is anything but tepid music. On the contrary, this group plays with an ethos so effusive, fiery, pungent, peppery & passionate.”

Suzana -

Born in Lisbon, Suzana partnered with Marco Quelhas to create a beautiful song “Promessa perdida,” which has its U.S. debut on the 2006 Lo-Budget Love compilation. From Fado singer to television star, Suzana has earned numerous credits, including several Top 10 radio slots throughout Europe and a host of fans from around the world.

Cody Navarro -

According to Cody, “[w]ithout making music, there is no happiness for me; but even still, creating this art is not enough. Each day, I discipline and dedicate myself to preparing for success in the music business by educating myself, sharpening my presentation, investigating new opportunities and building relationships with other artists.” This Femmes qui rock enjoys performing music that shows us how dark emotions can be used to uplift the mind, body and soul. A native of Colorado with Latin decent, there is little question that Cody has a passionate voice that makes for passionate music.

Sinem -

“To me success is measured by one’s growth…knowing when to listen and when to let it go,” says Sinem (pronounced “C”-nem). Like the translation of this ancient Turkish word, Sinem writes and delivers musical performances that stem deep from within the heart. As a German-born American with Turkish family roots, she is already to captivate and inspire audiences through her soulful vocals fronted by Middle-eastern and Asian rhythms. Moreover, Sinem is no newcomer to the small screen. Her television credits include CNN Turk and the “The Turkish Hour” among others.

Andrei Popescu -

Born in Romania, Andrei has been described as obsessed with music. When his family moved to The Netherlands in the early 90’s it was time for this young virtuoso (who plays guitar, piano and drums) to formalize his instincts for making good music. This is exactly what he did as a student at the Conservatory of Rotterdam. The energy and groove of Andrei’s music is sure to make you appreciate this personal quote from the artist “[b]asically, I just want to be able to makes a living out of what I do best.” Andrei is a genius when it comes to creating song structure that transcends time lines.

Khaled Habib -

From Algeria to Sweden, Khaled Habib presents a musical style of great energy and delightful variances, drawing from his many years as a sideman in Italy, South Africa, and France. Khaled is also a musical composer for film and theater. Under the direction of Robert Lepage, he composed most of the score for “Nattbok” (a film by Carl Genrik Svenstedt). What appears on the 2006 Lo-Budget Love compilation CD is the first in a trilogy entitled “Sahara Blues.” This song takes its from raï music mixed with traditional jazz.

Cellar Club -

“Just pure and raw talent,” say Donny Neufess of Broadjam. Irish lead vocalist, Paul McDonnell has a wonderful voice that swells as he casually takes you for a ride up and down the musical scale in “Josephine” (fronted by Dave Molloy on guitar). This song, which appears on the 2006 Lo-Budget Love compilation CD, received the highest positive responses for a song by an unsigned artist on Irish National Radio.

Etcetera -

Guillermo Albelo, songwriter from Canary Island (Spain), is certainly one to embrace many cultural streams as part of the creative process. When asked what he felt makes for a successful song, Guillermo said “[a] song have [sic] to be magic, a mix of good melody, harmony and excellent lyrics.” Doubtlessly he achieved this in the winning song could not be more true evident than it appears in the song “You Can Dream.” The music is fresh and charming, with hints of great Catalanian poetry, pop rhythms, and a strong sense of humor.    

Grupopala -

Brasil natives, Samyla Francis Ribeiro, Mc Graveto, Victor Hugo de Oliveira Azevedo, and Marcone Ferreira Ramos are producers of a new wave of music in South America that fuses rap, hip hop and Caribbean rhythms which they refer to as “freelance.” Their music critiques a life experience that is as varied as those of its members, but none as powerful as the call for the younger generation to go beyond what the media reports in order to find their own voice. With the help of several local DJ’s, the band has taken the club scene by storm and they continue to be a positive influence through regular television appearances and live performances.

Currently, the 2006 Lo-Budget Love compilation CD is only available through the Innovation Entertainment Group website: http://www.innovationentertainment.com. All merchandise purchased here will be shipped out within two days. Retail and digital distribution will be available by October 2006.

Upcoming Events

Main Street Festival, June 25th

(2827 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405)

Kwanza Jones performs live on the World Café stage.


Global Groove Music Festival at Temple Bar, July 15th

(1026 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90401) Hotline (310) 393-6611, tickets: 1 (800) 594-TIXX or http://www.templebarlive.com This event features live performances by some of the best world beat musicians around. Three one-hour sets bridging the world through music- It’s Global Groove Time!


The Mint, July 29th

(6010 West Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035)

Hotline: 323-954-9630, tickets: 323-954-8241

Kwanza Jones performs hits from two previous albums in one set and will be joined by Darrell Diaz, among others.


3rd Annual Brazilian Beach Bash, August 26th

(Venice, CA)

Live band, girls from Ipanema, capoeira and fun for everyone.


Venice Music Festival, September 17th

(Venice, CA)

Kwanza Jones and the Global Groove Collective perform two completely different sets of music ranging from rock and soul to reggae and Latin. This performance will benefit the Venice Community Housing Association, a non-profit group dedicated to making affordable housing available for the families who need it.


In these and all our endeavors, Innovation Entertainment Group welcomes your support and participation. For more information visit us at: http://www.innovationentertainment.com or call us at (310) 396-0710.


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