TEC Saves Software Buyers Even More Time and Resources with its Certified RFI Express Service

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TEC’s Certified RFI Express Service offers prospective enterprise software buyers access to pre-filled request for information documents (RFI), significantly reducing the time, costs, and risks associated with software selection.

Technology Evaluation Centers (http://www.TechnologyEvaluationCenters.com/press) introduces an industry-standard RFP set for specific software vendors’ solutions. It is a quick and efficient method for getting straight to the functional capabilities of the offerings. TEC offers prospective buyers access to pre-filled request for information documents (RFI) in two ways—directly from the vendors’ web site, at no charge to the software end user (http://rfi-demo.technologyevaluation.com), or from TEC’s web site for a nominal charge (http://rfp-templates.technologyevaluation.com).

Expanding its services, TEC now offers pre-filled RFPs, allowing users access to immediate functionality information in industry standard terminology (http://rfi-demo.technologyevaluation.com).

Launched as a means to speed the process by which buyers review and decide on enterprise software solutions, TEC’s Certified RFI Express Service provides an opportunity for software vendors to offer prospective buyers a detailed list of their solutions’ functional capabilities, which are certified by a TEC analyst, and are delivered in an industry standard, RFI format. It is estimated that it can cost both buyer and sellers between $5,000 and $10,000 to get the same amount of information by current means, with no guarantee of an ROI. TEC offers this service as a means to significantly reduce the time, costs, and risks while providing certified detailed information to the prospective buyer organization.

Software providers are better able to manage the amount of information available to prospective buyers and can provide additional documents to configure an RFI based on specific high-end buyer responses to survey questions. The advantage to end user decision makers is that they receive more information, immediately. When a prospective buyer visits the web site of most software vendors the majority of information dispensed is akin to a brochure-on-screen. The RFI Express Service offers substantive functionality information instantly.

As such, the benefit to the vendor is the ability to qualify prospects in an efficient, easy to use fashion.

Overall, the objectives of the RFI Express Service are

1.    To reduce the cost of completing buyer RFPs.

2.    To speed the sales process by providing the information required to evaluate your solution.

3.    To qualify serious buyers from casual browsers.

4.    To build trust by providing reliable industry standard information.

5.    To influence the evaluation by providing an evaluation framework in a usable format.

Trusted by software industry leaders, the RFI Express Service delivers to buyers immediate access to a configurable product RFI certified by TEC.

Steve Andrew from IFS (http://ifs.rfiexpress.com/register/freetrial/signmember.asp?survey=rfpexpress) shares that “what IFS likes about the TEC Certified RFI Express is that it shows that IFS is an open company, with confidence in its products. RFI Express is the only way that a software buyer can understand the complete depth and breadth of IFS’s product set. It’s a trusted source for detailed product information”.

At a fraction of the cost of traditional telemarketing campaigns, where messages are often lost to voicemail systems, and more reliable than soliciting replies to blind RFIs, the RFI Express Service creates value and buyer preference/good will by sponsoring immediate access to a configurable product RFI certified by TEC.

Buyers receive a document that communicates a provider’s unique value proposition, along with an easy-to-use RFI spreadsheet that describes thousands of product capabilities using clear, industry-standard terminology. Vendors receive immediate notification that a buyer wants to learn more about their solution.

Harris Data’s Michael Mallen explains the value from a vendor’s perspective:

“The existence of a reliable, functional system that gives credibility to the selection of enterprise software has not been available to businesses until TEC’s RFI Express offering. The RFI Express allows a company to receive reliable information and control that helps match functionality, cost, and most importantly, access to information that can be trusted.”

“HarrisData is one of the few companies that provides an Omni License, an alternative to the conventional administrative and restrictive software license agreements that vendors utilize to protect their intellectual property and to generate services revenue. TEC’s RFI Express (http://rfihrsd.technologyevaluation.com/register/freetrial/rfiexpress_harris.asp?survey=harris) is the first tool that matches HarrisData’s focus on the customer’s software rights allowing for a timely utilization of information making the selection process easy, fast, and relevant.”

TEC is truly a one-stop source for trusted technology evaluation services designed to help IT decision makers reduce the risks, costs, and time associated with enterprise software acquisitions. Its many evaluation centers receive over 750,000 visitors per month and TEC delivers its popular online TEC Newsletter to over 450,000 readers daily. The TEC certified RFI Express Service is designed to provide prospects with access to the industry’s most popular RFI template that provides the depth and clarity needed to assist buyers with a trusted and faster evaluation process.

To find out more about TEC’s RFI Express Service, please call (978) 468-3355, or contact TEC by email.


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