Louvre Tourists Discover More Clues to Da Vinci Code

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Da Vinci Code Clues...two tourists went to Paris in March, and found 35m film and a canster in front of the Louvre where they filmed the Da Vinci Code the week before? The questions is, could the film be from filming? Does this film have even more secerts concerning the movie? who knows for sure now, but in the future the film may have more answers?

While the Da Vinci Code movie based on Dan Brown’s novel makes box office history, its controversial nature has theologians, churches, and moviegoers buzzing. Meanwhile, a couple of tourists to the Louvre hope they may have found more clues, or at least more mystery to add to the legend.

On a rainy evening in March, up-and-coming American filmmaker Darren Christianson (Stonesthrow Entertainment) and his publicist, Deborah Danker (Danker & Danker PR) were strolling in front of the Louvre, enjoying the ambiance and discussing the Da Vinci Code’s Paris filming.

Looking down, they noticed yards and yards of 35mm film twisting around the sidewalk. Looking closer, they found an empty tin film canister with the label ripped off.

Realizing the Da Vinci Code movie was shot in this spot, both Christianson and Danker questioned if this ruined footage was from the filming. Walking toward the I. M. Pei glass pyramid, alleged to mark Mary Magdalene’s burial site in Brown’s book, they both felt a strange pulse as they neared it.

The Louvre has not denied the possibility that the pyramid functions as more than an artistic entrance to the Louvre and ceiling to the auditorium. Nor have they admitted it.

But on this evening, the rain felt heavy with possibilities. Could Dan Brown’s work of fiction be based on facts that many refuse to believe?

Could the “pulse” be Mary Magdalene’s essence, reminding us of the woman who was formally recognized by Pope John Paul II as the apostle to the apostles? Or, as others have theorized, the lover and wife of Jesus and maybe even the mother of his child?

Christianson turned away and retrieved most of the film, winding it back into the canister. As a filmmaker himself, he knew the film is ruined for today’s standards. But maybe a future technology can discover what it’s hiding. Nothing? Or could it hold the source of the pyramid’s pulse, revealing in film what our eyes can’t see?

Did these two tourists find another clue or even more Da Vinci Code mystery? Is Mary Magdalene really buried under the pyramid? Were these two tourists “chosen” to share this secret because they can see the possibilities? Or could it have just been the magic of Paris in the rain?

“Whatever the answer, we have the film,” said Christianson. “As well as a once- in-a-lifetime experience that made Paris even more memorable.”

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