The LeBron James of 20 Years Ago (1986) was Len Bias, not "Air Jordan", Says 'Basketball and Hip-Hop' Guru Derrick E. Vaughan

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King James, Bias, and Jordan are linked with amazing talent and history. Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins have been inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, and selected to the SEC All-Time Dunkadelic First Team. D-Wade and King James are front-runners for the 2006 All-Dunkadelic Team MVP.The 2nd Annual 2006 and 1st Annual 2006 College All-Dunkadelic Teams will be announced Thursday June 29, 2006.

June 19, 2006 will be the 20th Anniversary that America lost one of it's most promising athletes, and a mother lost her son. Len Bias was a picture perfect sculpture of an NBA small forward that was the evolution of Julius "Dr. J" Erving. The player that best exudes the physical makeup of Bias is current NBA star LeBron "King James."

James is a 6'8 245-250 pound chiseled speciman with a 40 inch vertical leap. Bias was a 6'8 220-225 pound muscular Adonis with the same 40 inch vertical.

Bias and James both developed outside range on their jumpshots to go along with their explosive moves to the basket. LeBron shot over 50% from the field during the 2005-06 season, and Bias shot 54% from the floor during his senior season at Maryland (1985-86) scoring 24 ppg. as the go-to-man for the Terps.

A look at Bias in 1986 is a fantasy of what his game may have looked like when you see Lebron in 2006. LeBron is a better ball handler than Bias, but Lenny would've added that to his repertoire as his game kept growing year by year.

"Michael Jordan is the strongest guard to ever play in the NBA" said, Magic Johnson. Jordan who didn't arrive with the same imposing muscles as Bias or James. Later in his career when Michael reached his late 20's and early 30's he would mature into a more muscular frame.

All 3 superstars are linked in history. They were the number 1-2-3 overall picks in their perspective drafts LeBron #1 (Cleveland 2003), Bias #2 (Boston 1986), and Jordan #3 (Chicago 1984). All 3 franchises are from the Eastern Conference, all 3 franchises banked their teams future on them, and all 3 have been compared to Dr. J because of their explosive dunking ability.

The Cleveland Cavaliers with King James. The Cavs is a player or two away from competing for an NBA Championship. LeBron averaged 31 points ppg. in 2005-06, 2nd in the MVP voting, 2006 All-Star game MVP, 2005-06 All-NBA First Team, and won 7 playoffs games in his first playoff experience winning 2 games with the final shot of the game. LeBron is only 21 years old. The Cavs are headed in the right direction to win their first NBA Championship with James leading the way.

Cleveland made it to the Eastern Conference Finals back in 1992 and was led by Mark Price class of '86, and Brad Daugherty the #1 overall pick before Bias #2 from the same class of '86 by beating the New Jersey Nets in the first round, and the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. They would lose in the Eastern Conference Finals to Michael Jordan and his defending NBA Champion Chicago Bulls.

The Boston Celtics with Len Bias. The Celtics have gone in the opposite direction since the death of Bias in 1986. Lenny was suppose to be the 'Franchise Player' in waiting after Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. The Celtics had just won the 1986 NBA Finals 10 days earlier. Boston had a 67-15 regular season record. It was the second best record in franchise history (68-14, 1973). Bias is the man they wanted. He had superstar written all over him. Bias was the 2-time ACC Player of the Year 1985 and 86. Jordan was the ACC Player of the Year in 1984. He would've been able to watch and learn from "Larry Legend" for 5-6 years. The future of the 'Celtic Dynasty' was intact, but it would never materialize into more Championships.

Since the retiremnet of Bird in 1992, and the lost of their 1987 1st round pick (22nd) Reggie Lewis to an heart ailment in July of 1993 the Celtics haven't won 50+ games in a season since. That's 14 consecutive seasons. They only have 4 winning seasons during the same time period (1993, 2002, 2003, 2005). The Celtics have never had a draft pick higher than #3 (Chauncey Billups '97) since Bias' #2 in 1986. Their average draft position over the last 20 years has been #18. They selected McDonlad's All-American Gerald Green a 6'8 hi-flyer like Bias, with the 18th pick of the 2005 NBA draft.

The Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan. The Bulls was a franchise that averaged 6,000 fans per game before Jordans' arrival in 1984. Since "Air Jordan" landed in the Windy City they have repeatedly sold out games of more than 18,000+ fans for over 20 years. Jordan won 6 NBA titles, 10 scoring titles, 6 NBA Championships, 6 NBA Finals MVP, 5 NBA MVP awards, 2 Slam Dunk Championships, and the 1988 Defensive Player of the Year award. He's regarded as the 'Greatest' player ever.

Jordan who retired for the first time in 1993 season after winning 3 straight NBA titles (1991-93) would've probably thought twice about retiring if he had a foe like Bias and the Celtic mystic to challenge his Bulls.

It was Jordan who broke Elgin Baylors' playoff scoring record of 61 points with 63 points vs. the Celtics on April 20, 1986 two months before Boston would draft Len Bias. The Chicago Bulls are 3rd All-Time in NBA Championships Boston Celtics (16), LA-Minn. Lakers (14), and Chicago Bulls (6).

The "Jordan Legacy" began to grow after his playoff performance vs. Boston. Imagine how many times Jordan and Bias would've got it on during the regular and post season for 10-12 years. Another ACC, N. Carolina vs. Maryland battle for the right to represent the Eastern Conference in The Finals.

Jordans' right hand man Scottie Pippen would've had the duty of guarding Bias. The best defensive sm. forward vs. the best all-around sm. forward in the game. Another marquee matchup for the NBA.

Lonise Bias the mother of Lenny said, "If Len would have lived, he would have entertained you, but in death he brought you life."

The LeBron James of 2006 has the body and muscle of Len Bias, and wears the #23 the same number worn by the 'Greatest Player of All-Time.' As "Witnesses" to LeBron we see some of what we might have seen in Len Bias.

Charles Barkley (Auburn) and Dominique Wilkins (Georgia) were inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. The 2 former SEC star players were also selected to the SEC All-Time Dunkadelic First Team with Shaquille O'Neal (LSU), Latrell Sprewell (Alabama), and Kenny "Sky" Walker (Kentucky).

Dwyane Wade will be playing for an NBA Championship starting this Thursday June 8th. D-Wade is also in a 2 man battle with LeBron James for the 2006 All-Dunkadelic Team MVP. Wade and James were both selected to the 2005 All-Dunkadelic First Team last season. Amare Stoudemire of Phoenix was the 2005 All-Dunkadelic Team MVP. LeBron finished in 2nd, and Wade came in 3rd last year for the MVP.

The 2nd Annual 2006 All-Dunkadelic Team and 1st Annual 2006 College All-Dunkadelic Team will be announced Thursday June 29th after the NBA Draft.

For more information or interview request, on Bias and LeBron, All-Time Dunkadelic Teams, Annual All-Dunkadelic Teams, or the Dunkadelic Origin contact Derrick E. Vaughan of Dunkadelic Inc. 443-851-5244.


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