Leanaplex, a New and Better Weight Loss Program, Now Available to Consumers Online

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Leanaplex, a new and better weight loss program, is now available to consumers online at http://www.Leanaplex.com. A simple, easy to use, weight loss program developed by New York plastic surgeon Baldev Sandhu MD, for his patients who needed to lose weight, Leanaplex is a liquid meal replacement plan with a difference!

There are still very few physicians who address obesity as the major health problem it is today

“Doctor, how do I lose weight?” was the question asked Dr. Baldev Sandhu, a prominent New York plastic surgeon, when he would tell a patient that they really needed to lose weight and that liposuction was not the answer for them. Dr. Sandhu, already the author of the best selling “Doctor is Liposuction Right for ME?” turned his patient’s question into the title of his new book to be published this fall by iuniverse.

Writing “Doctor, How Do I Lose Weight?” forced Dr. Sandhu to review all the known weight loss techniques and eventually to come up with Leanaplex, a new, simple, easy to use weight loss program. “What I found was that success in weight loss programs was directly related to how long the patients were able to stick with the treatment program.” said Dr. Sandhu. “We all know that Slim-Fast, Medi-Fast and Opti-Fast have success rates related to how long the patients can stick with the plan. However, most patients discontinue these high fiber drinks because of their taste, insolubility of the psyllium fiber that constitutes the base of these drinks and the need to refrigerate the pre-mixed drink cans.”

Dr. Sandhu, working with a team of scientists, developed Leanaplex - a highly solubilised fiber, which patients can mix in any low calorie beverage. Packaged in convenient, easy to use, sachets, Leanaplex was an immediate success with his patients. Now when patients ask Dr Sandhu “How Do I Lose Weight?” he simply hands them a carton containing 60 sachets of Leanaplex. “It’s tremendously easy to use,” he explains “Simply mix a sachet in your morning coffee or tea. Leanaplex is totally flavorless and doesn’t interfere with the taste of your drink, but like all fibers makes you feel full so you eat less”. “It doesn’t get much easier than this,” said Dr. Sandhu demonstrating how easily Leanaplex dissolved in a bottle of Poland Spring water. “Every time you get the munchies simply take Leanaplex in 8ozs of your favorite low calorie beverage. I have patients use it up to five times a day, which is only 100 calories and combine that with one 800-calorie meal a day patients are only taking in 900 calories a day. Everyone loses weight on 900 calories a day”. The key is that because Leanaplex is so easy to use patients are able to stick with the treatment plan, lose the amount of weight they want, and continue to use Leanaplex as needed to maintain their weight.

Impressed by the success of Leanaplex a number of weight loss physicians started using Leanaplex in their practices and making it the basis of their weight loss programs. Since Leanaplex is not classified as a drug patients can get Leanaplex without a prescription. The natural next step was to make Leanaplex available to consumers around the country and so Dr. Sandhu launched http://www.Leanaplex.com where consumers can order Leanaplex and even get a pre-publication copy of “Doctor, How Do I Lose Weight?” with their order.

Leanaplex has caught on with patients and word of the web site has spread as patients who have successfully lost weight have recommended Leanaplex to their friends, family and co-workers. Jeannie Artz, a patient who successfully used Leanaplex said, “I just loved everything about it. The ease of use, the convenient packaging, but most of all, no one knew I was on a diet. They just thought I was drinking regular diet drinks and it did not feel like being on a diet because I was getting all the tastes and flavors I normally enjoy and the feeling of being full but without any calories! However, when they saw my weight loss I had just to tell them about Leanaplex.”

Dr. Sandhu is also developing a nationwide network of physicians specializing in weight loss. The purpose eventually is that anywhere in the country patients want to see a weight loss specialist they will be able to call 1 800 Drs DIET and be connected to a physician specializing in weight loss. “There are still very few physicians who address obesity as the major health problem it is today,” said Dr Sandhu “But I think physicians who are joining the 1 800 Drs DIET network are serious about making weight loss a priority for their patients.”


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