A Common Weed May Stop Seasonal Allergies Forever

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More than 50 million Americans suffer from common allergies better known as “Allergic Rhinitis". The symptoms are caused by the body’s reaction to airborne particles such as pollens, molds and other allergens. New research shows that a common weed known as "Stinging Nettle" could be the answer allergy sufferers have been searching for.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from common allergies. Technically known as “Allergic Rhinitis,” the symptoms are caused by the body’s reaction to airborne particles such as pollen, mold and other allergens. Once these allergens have entered the body, they trigger allergic reactions. Symptoms include: runny nose; congestion; watery eyes; asthma; headaches; low energy; loss of smell & taste; and even depression.

Allergic Rhinitis can be either “Seasonal” or “Perennial”. Hay Fever is the most common form of seasonal Rhinitis accounting for the majority of total allergy cases. While seasonal allergies are triggered by outdoor allergens, perennial allergies are usually associated with indoor allergens. A seasonal sufferer is allergic to pollens and weather patterns while a perennial sufferer is more likely to be allergic to pet hair and indoor molds.

In both cases, the answer is the same – Desensitize the nerve fibers that react to the allergens, and you turn off the switch that causes allergic reactions to begin with. At least that’s the theory behind a brand new nasal spray made with Stinging Nettle and Hot Pepper extract (Capsaicin).

Capsaicin is the natural chemical that determines the heat factor of hot peppers. While some hot peppers are low on the heat scale such as Paprika, others such as Habaneros are super hot. The heat of each pepper variety is determined by the amount of Capsaicin found naturally within the seeds and fruit of the plant.

While Capsaicin has been proven effective against Non-Allergic Rhinitis in several well-recognized studies, it has shown only limited results for treating Allergic Rhinitis. While Capsaicin can un-stuff the nose and stop headaches fast, it cannot prevent allergies from coming.

Enter “Stinging Nettle”. This plentiful weed grows all over the world in several varieties. Although Nettle can cause topical reactions in the wild when broken against the skin, the symptoms disappear fast. After a few interactions with wild Nettle plants, the body quickly becomes immune to it, and there in lies the secret of Stinging Nettle.

Studies show Nettle can effectively desensitize the body’s reaction to airborne allergens when ingested daily in small doses. The resulting effects help to prevent and repel allergic reactions altogether, thus posing a potential cure for chronic allergy sufferers. In theory, Stinging Nettle can potentially immunize people against nasal allergies.

SiCap Industries, makers of the original “Sinus Buster” hot pepper nasal spray are behind the new discovery. SiCap researchers have added organic Stinging Nettle to their classic Sinus Buster formula creating the world’s first Pepper Nettle nasal spray. According to a spokesman for SiCap, this Nettle allergy formula presents new hope for Allergic Rhinitis sufferers everywhere.

“This is a breakthrough in natural allergy treatment – the first and only Hot Pepper Nettle nasal spray in the world. It also doesn’t burn. Our original Sinus Buster has a kick to it because it’s designed to stop sinus headaches instantly, and that requires a pepper extract with a higher heat ratio. To beat allergies, you need a lower heat pepper, but Capsaicin won’t stop recurring allergies without adding Stinging Nettle,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

According to research data, the key to beating Allergic Rhinitis is to deliver the Nettle on a consistent basis, adjusting the doses to respond to peak allergy times. The manufacturer suggests that Sinus Buster Allergy formula should be used several times daily during flair ups, and as needed to prevent future symptoms.

“We believe this is the closest thing you’ll ever find to curing allergies for most people. The groups we’ve tested have been amazed and we’ve seen fast results in 8 out of 10 people. Just a couple squirts a few times a day will make most people allergy free within 48 hours. While the pepper and eucalyptus give you instant relief from symptoms, the nettle keeps them from coming back. The best thing is that once you’ve taken it for a couple days, all you have to do is use a squirt here and there as allergens invade your area. Basically this formula can keep you allergy free forever without side effects,” Perry adds.


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