New Healthy Diet Book Aims to Combat Obesity and Eliminate the Need for Diet Pills

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An alternative healthy weight-loss book promoting the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ has recently been launched to try and help fight the increasing number of obese people in Britain and America.

An alternative healthy weight-loss book promoting the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ has recently been launched to try and help fight the increasing number of obese people in Britain and America.

Obesity is now recognised as a serious problem affecting many populations around the world. In fact the governments in Great Britain, Europe and the US have put it, and its associated conditions such as ‘type 2 diabetes’, at the top of their public health agendas. The news that obesity-related procedures have quadrupled since 2000 as well as recent stories such as the 34 stone teenage girl from Scotland who last week underwent radical stomach surgery have highlighted the gravity of the situation.

But how will these governments deal with this problem? By promoting healthy meals? Emphasising the benefits of a daily exercise routine? Banning the advertising of ‘junk food’? No! As always they look to the money hungry vultures that run the pharmaceutical industry to develop another new ‘wonder drug’.

In fact, a newly developed anti-obesity pill that market observers say could become the world's biggest-selling drug is close to getting approval from the European Commission. They are predicting sales of over 4 billion dollars by the year 2010 and of course a large portion of this money will go straight to the governments’ back pockets via taxes. This product is basically a form of stealth tax designed to target a number of heavily over-weight populations.

"In the blue sky scenario, this could become the world's best-selling drug as the indication is so broad". "It has a path to revenues that we rarely ever see from a pharma product."…                                                A recent quote from a top pharmaceutical executive.

Will these new pills offer a long term solution to obesity though? This is extremely unlikely and we have also yet to here what the side effects of taking this pill will be. Watch this space!

The good news, however, is that there is an alternative for those people searching for a healthy way to lose weight. It comes in the form of a Mediterranean Diet. This nutritional concept includes a high consumption of fruit, vegetables, fish and grains, a medium consumption of olive oil and a low consumption of red meat, dairy products and saturated fats.

The Mediterranean diet is probably the most realistic and safest way not only to lose weight, but to also help prevent serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In fact the ‘American Heart Association’ refers to the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ as the ‘gold standard’ in heart disease prevention and could greatly reduce the numbers of cardiovascular disease sufferers which currently runs at over 72 million in America alone. The most recent research has also shown that the Mediterranean diet also appears to reduce the risk for Alzheimer's disease.

Subscribers to this new book will be able to unlock the little known secrets of healthy weight-loss by implementing this simple but highly effective dieting strategy. They will be taught how to lose weight permanently without the use of drugs, ‘fad’ diets and weight-loss pills.

Unlike other versions of the Mediterranean diet, this one has been specially designed to fully maximise its benefits by providing an easy step by step plan that absolutely anyone can use.

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