Effective Mosquito and Snake Control Technology Delivered Through Sprinkler Systems Insures Inexpensive Results

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Cedar Oil mixed with water and dispersed through a residential or commercial Sprinkler Head Irrigation System is effective in elimination of Ants, Mosquito's, Flies, Fleas, Chiggers, Scorpions, No-See-Um's, Grubs and Venomous Snakes. Injection of Chemical Free MSC concentrates into the water stream suggests 100% control of both ground and airborne insects.

The use of sprinkler systems and irrigation devices for delivery of insect control solutions is now possible said Dave Glassel, inventor of MSC Solution. CedarCide Industries of Woodlands, Texas in concert with the Dow Corning Company of Midland Michigan, has developed a 100% water soluble Insect Control agent that can be delivered in the water stream of sprinkler systems and other irrigation devices.

It has not been possible to inject and deliver Petroleum Distillate Pest Control products with water said Glassel. Oil and water do not mix. The invention of MSC is obviously breakthrough technology. With Dow Corning's assistance we have been successful in advancing the merits of NANO Technology into Insect Control. We can now inject cedar oil into the mainstream of a water carrier promoting it's delivery to the destination in multi-million level quantities of microscopic sized droplets that magnify cedar oils aromatic abilities instrumental in overriding the pheromone instincts of Insects. MSC is a cedar oil and Silicone based Chemical Free formulation. Cedar oil is a substance extracted from the cedar tree, a naturally renewable resource. Silicone is a derivative of Quartz, the second most abundant element on earth. Combined, the result is that of a slow release Cedar Oil Aroma encapsulated in silicone. It is effective in the impairment of the pheromone driven insects mental capacities as well as the masking of the Keremone emitted by all matter. Unlike natural or synthetic Pyrethroids, MSC has a zero toxicity level harboring no carcinogenic estrogen mirroring effects. It is Safe to Children and Pets. It has no effect on sight driven beneficial pollinators such as ladybugs, butterflies or honey bees. It is not harmful to amphibians such as frogs, toads and lizards however it does repel heat seeking and pheromone driven venomous snakes.

CedarCide Industries offers the PESTIGATOR injection system as a kit for purchase by its wholesale and retail customers. http://www.cedarcidestore.com We have formulated our solution to allow it to be delivered into the water stream by a Dosatron pump. Dosatron is our injection pump of choice because of the manufacturers untarnished history of simple and trouble free service. http://www.dosatronusa.com The Pestigator kit comes with one gallon of MSC, the Dosatron Injection Pump and the necessary valves and controls required to install the apparatus in any new or existing irrigation system. Installation is easy said Glassel. It can be performed by a novice homeowner or any hydraulics expert or irrigation specialist. Full instructions are provided. Other injection systems can also be used for the delivery of MSC to the water stream. We don't promote any particular pump. Our magic is in the formulation of MSC. How it gets delivered is not a critical issue. All major manufacturers offer a injection device of some sort for liquid fertilizer applications. Those same systems are compatible for use with MSC Insect Control Concentrate.

Delivery of a Insect Control Solution via a sprinkler system is very effective. Unlike Misting System technology, no ugly nozzles or piping is necessary. Irrigation sprinkler heads are placed to provide full coverage of all areas. They can retract into the ground upon delivery of the solution. A one to two minute watering cycle is all that is necessary to create a insect free zone that will repel biting insects.

The objectives are as follows:

Number One: Repel and displace the Insect.

Number Two: Interrupt the insect egg layer cycle.

Number Three: Create a barrier of re-entry.

The combined result is the elimination of the next generation of arthropod. Repeat applications promote a high carbon residual in the soil that enhances microbial activity. MSC will not stain or degrade wood, stone or concrete surface.

To learn more about the CedarCide Pestigator and MSC Insect Control Solution visit the CedarCide website http://www.cedarcide.com or call 1 800 842 1464. Products are available to consumers and service technician's at retail and wholesale prices.


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