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World's largest product launch is about to take place.

A new software launch is about to take place. New Patented Online Video Technologies launching in June 2006. The patented software is developed to achieve a quantum leap in sales revenue for New Affiliates, as it integrates the Internet with video, television, and telecommunication technologies.

These new patented software products and programs will go public in the next couple of months. A new Global Internet Affiliate Program like no other will also launch. Global business opportunity with a VERY rewarding compensation plan with upfront and monthly residual income streams has already started.

"Countless Never Before Seen Online Video Products You Can Profit From."

New products include: Video iPod Casting, videos on cell phones, video social networking, video email, video blogging, live video broadcasting, live video chat, live 24/7 video surveillance, pay-per-view videos, watch live and recorded videos on your television with a new "set top box", your own TV channel on the Internet, videos on websites, and much, much more.

The Company is set to go public within the next couple of months. This will allow them to introduce new products and technologies that you can market around the World.

In 2005, the company had 40% compounded growth each month. In the first few months in 2006, the company grew more than 75%. The company is already profitable.

These are new patented products not seen anywhere in the world at this point. Imagine talking to your friends live full screen on your television in DVD quality. Imagine sharing photos, movies, music, videos, your blog, and more. Imagine being able to access thousands and thousands of new "channels" with video content for nearly every subject you can think of. This will be a reality in January 2007.

Here's just a sample of the products that you will be able to market in June 2006 and beyond: Video iPod Casting - allows you to upload videos to your iPod or mobile video player - Videos on cell phones - the ability to create videos from your cell phone and send them to your blog and the ability to create videos from your computer and send them to cell phones - Video Social Networking - Ability to upload videos, photos, even music and share them with the World in your new Media Center - Video e-mail - reach 100% of all Internet users with a new patented technology - New E-mail application that is 10,000 times better than Outlook, Yahoo, Google, or any other e-mail provider - Video blogging - A New Video Community and Portal - it's like having thousands of TV channels on your computer - Live video broadcasting to two or thousands of people with many incredible features - Live video chat 100% real time with up to 4 people chatting at once - Live 24 /7 video surveillance - New Private Label Accounts available to sell to businesses - Pay-per-view videos - gives people a way to make money with their video content - Watch live and recorded videos on your television with a new "set top box" (January 2007) - Your own TV channel on the Internet - host your own shows - Video on demand - gives you the ability to post videos on websites Plus many, many more.

Thier Focus Group expects that these products will earn billions of dollars.

This software technology will have embedded Selling Codes for numerous products and subscriptions inside that will produce multiple streams of income for many individuals.

Some of the World's best programmers and developers have spent the last nine years developing these technologies. Several of these technologies have been patented.

When affiliates of this start marketing these products to individuals and businesses, they can be confident in knowing that there is no other place in the world that one can get these products.

All videos will work on ALL computers - Macs and Windows. - All browsers - IE, Firefox, etc. - All Internet connections - dial-up or high-speed - All video player formats: Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Cell Phone Players, iPod Player, Real Player, etc.

This is the first time in the history of videos on the Internet that one video application will play on all computers, all players, and all connection speeds allowing YOU to reach 100% of all of the Internet users in the World! This is a massive business opportunity where you can cash in on what experts are calling "The Online Video Revolution!"

The companies that will be launching these new patented products are the affiliates. The World Launch Network is looking for affiliates to launch and market these new patented products. There is a very lucrative compensation plan and the ability to earn residual income for years to come.

Software Conference Attendants Say:

"I am blown away! I can't wait to try the new products and June cannot come quick enough for me. I don't want anyone I know and care about to miss out on this opportunity, or to call me down the track blasting me because I didn't tell them about this fantastic business opportunity.

This is the most brilliant business opportunity to ever come my way and I thank my friend for showing this to me!"

-- Corrine Jasper

Brisbane, Australia

"The excitement for these new products out there is INCREDIBLE! There's no doubt the latest technologies they will be introducing will literally revolutionize the Internet. For the people that join this pre-launch... this means off the chart income potential. With that said... I will soon be leaving a dismal job of 19 years and have the freedom to work this business full time. That my friend is a dream come true! Thank you!"

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-- Bob Brown

Middle Island, NY

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