6-6-06: Today is the 62nd Anniversary of D Day -- Entrepreneur Jim Edwards Uses the Lessons of D-Day to Show Entrepreneurs How to Establish Their Business Beachhead

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The invasion of Normandy was carefully planned for nearly three years in advance of the invasion that ultimately turned the tide of the Second World War in favor of the Allies. Edwards offers new entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to take advantage of the precise planning and learn the exact techniques that turned the tide that took him from 32 year old bankrupt paperboy to multimillionaire

There are many similarities between the precise planning that went into the successful invasion of Normandy and starting an online business. Jim Edwards works diligently each day to help entrepreneurs plan their own entry into their first online business or to grow their existing businesses. He teaches them to take advantage of the careful intelligence he’s gathered and tested to create their own beachhead. According to Edwards, “With the invasion of Normandy, the tide of the war was turned because of great intelligence, proper and thorough planning followed by unwavering execution of the plan. There is a strong lesson there for Entrepreneurs. Most new online businesses fail because of faulty planning and poor execution, but that never has to happen again.”

Using integrated media online including audio, video and blogs, Edwards is sharing his specific intelligence, testing, resources and insights at the new website called The Net Reporter. Entrepreneurs who want to change their lives by starting an online business have all the resources that they need to successfully establish their business beachhead quickly and effectively. “I got fed up with all the misleading information on the internet that promised to give you the resources and answers you needed to start an online business when in fact what the purveyors of that information were really doing was packaging information that was no longer valid or information that they were no longer using to generate revenue and selling it as current. It was and remains a joke and a huge source of frustration for would be online business owners,” said Edwards.

Edwards developed The Net Reporter as a clearing house for the all of the information that he has gathered and used to take himself from a bankrupt 32 year old paperboy in 1999 to a multimillionaire today. New online business owners will find the site packed with information on the development and sales of ebooks, how to create fast selling mini-sites, the use of cutting edge technologies like blogs, podcasts, and video to create more online sales and how to create your own products quickly and inexpensively. All of the techniques are not just tested by Edwards, but the only ones that make the site are the techniques that he is actually using today. Edwards says: “For me, my first product was my beachhead, it was the basis from which everything else has been built. My intention is to show new online marketers how to use this intelligence, research and resource center to quickly and profitably establish their own business beachhead so that they can achieve their own success. The very first online business you start is the hardest. Successful implementation is the key to success and, along with access to the proper resources, having access to someone who can guide you and show you the ropes is critical. That is exactly what The Net Reporter does!” You can visit The Net Reporter online at http://www.TheNetReporter.com/D-Day.html

About Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC

Guaranteed Response Marketing is Jim Edwards Beachhead company formed in

2002 to support him in transforming his life from a 32 year old paperboy living in a trailer park to a recognized Entrepreneur, Mentor and marketing expert who focuses on teaching new entrepreneurs how to go from the life they are living to the life of their dreams in the fastest and safest way possible. Jim is also the owner of http://www.FSBOHelp.com, http://www.MortgageLoanTips.com, http://www.IGottaTellYou.com, and http://www.7DayEbook.com

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