Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions Web Site Opens June 15th, 2006

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The Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions Web Site located at http://www.whitetaildeersales.com will provide whitetail deer and semen straws for sale to deer breeders throughout the United States. The web site will also feature a monthly online auction of both whitetail deer and semen straws. Each consignment on the web site will provide detailed, comprehensive information about the deer or semen straws, as well as pictures and/or video.

Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions is a full-featured web site for Whitetail Deer Breeders who want to sell deer and semen straws to other deer breeders and/or to Game and Hunting Ranches. Many ranches today are looking for quality Whitetail Deer in order to improve the genetics of their existing herds, or to start new genetic lines.

The web site will allow deer breeders to instantly market their deer and semen straws to other breeders and ranches across the country in an online environment. Ranches and deer breeders looking to improve their herds now have an expanded market from which to choose a wide variety of deer and semen.

“We want to give a deer breeder in Kentucky a chance to sell to a ranch or breeder in Ohio, or Pennsylvania; and we want to give a ranch owner in Colorado a chance to improve his genetics by purchasing semen straws from Ohio or Pennsylvania,” said Steve Purcell.

At one stroke, this web site can completely open up the market for deer breeders and ranch owners, giving both groups of businesses unheard of opportunities to market their deer and/or semen straws and improve their herd genetics. “This is now a national business, for both the deer breeder and the ranch owner,” said Steve Purcell.

“While certain restrictions apply to the transport of deer across certain state lines, all borders are definitely not closed, and many owners actually have special arrangements with buyers in which purchased deer are kept on the owner’s land. Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions does expect the majority of its business to come from the sale and auction of semen straws,” said Travis Basham, co-owner of the web site. However, Steve and Travis both feel that the web site should offer a full range of options to its clients.

Indeed they are actually seeking to establish an online “community” of deer breeders and ranch owners who interact with each other online. The web site will feature a web log (blog) with news articles from across the country about the deer breeding industry. Deer Breeders and Ranch Owners are encouraged to email Steve or Travis news about their businesses for inclusion in the blog. The web site will also offer tasteful, non-animated advertisements and sponsorships.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, call Steve Purcell at (210) 649-1187, or visit http://www.whitetaildeersales.com. Steve is available during the day, evenings, and weekends to take your calls. You can also contact Travis Basham at (270) 784-5012. Both Steve and Travis can be emailed from the web site.

About Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions:

Steve Purcell is the co-owner of Whitetail Deer Sales and Auctions. He is a Master CIW certified Web Site Manager and is the Web Master for the site. Steve makes his home in Adkins, Texas and has lived there since 1997.

Travis Basham owns a deer farm in KY which specializes in superior genetics through AI and embryo transfer.


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