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What to do with your old cell phone? How about getting paid for it? will pay you to recycle your old, used cellphone with them.

Has that hot, new cell phone in the TV commercials got your number? Have to have it? Great. But what to do with your old one? Leave it in a kitchen drawer? Donate it to a domestic violence shelter? Let your 2-year-old play with it?

Keith Ori says he has a better idea. He wants to buy your used cell phone. He runs an Orlando based company, “It’s a website that allows consumers and businesses to get value out of cell phones they are not using anymore,” Ori explains.

Ori says buys thousands of phones per month from people and companies all over the country. The company will pay between $5 and $200 per phone, with the average being about $25.00.

So the phones you have in your cabinet, drawer or shoebox have real value? Quite possibly. “We don’t buy every phone ever made, but we do buy about 575 different models at this point in time, which is more than any other company we are aware of,” Ori says.

How does it all work? Ori says to log on to and first locate the manufacturer of your phone, then the model number (which is usually on the phone underneath the battery), and the website will generate a price quote.

If you agree with the offer, simply enter your information into the site and will send you a postage paid box to mail your phone in. Alternatively you can download one of their “Speedy-Ship” labels at the time you order and use your own box.

Ori says to simply drop it in the mail and look for your check within 30 days. It’s like dialing for dollars.

Getting paid for your old phone sounds great, but what about the other options?

“For the same reason you don’t want your old phone going into a landfill, you definitely do not want your child chewing on it. Phones have toxic substances inside, particularly in the battery, which you want to avoid putting in any environment, particularly your child’s,” Ori says.

As for domestic violence shelters, long considered the charity-of-choice for old cell phones because even disconnected cell phones can dial 911, Ori has something interesting to say.

“Fortunately, there are a finite number of domestic violence victims. Quite seriously, we are all grateful there are far more used phones than victims of domestic violence. The challenge this presents to shelters is that they wind up needing to sell or dispose of most of the cell phones they are given, which can cost valuable volunteer hours. In fact, we buy a lot of phones from shelters ourselves. Because of this, we recommend never giving cell phones to charities. Really. If you are serious about helping them, sell your phones to us, and give them the cash we send you. It might take an extra 30 days, but any charity in the world would rather have cash than a cell phone," Ori explains.

If it seems odd that there are now so many used cell phones that recycling venues are needed for them, Ori says to consider that people probably once thought the same thing about glass bottles.

So there you have it. Save the environment, get paid, and support charities all in one smooth move. may just have an idea who’s time has come. is a six-year-old subsidiary of Sundog Inc., based in Orlando, Florida. offers to pay consumers to recycle their used cell phones through their website This process eliminates a number of hazardous and harmful substances from coming into contact with the environment and provides a financial incentive for doing so. is one of the oldest companies offering this service and continues to be a leader in the wireless recycling industry.


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