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A new analysis service (GorillaCV) offers rapid, thorough discovery of competitor keywords and markets where they perform. One keyword that improves a leading website’s performance can also work for its competitor. Detailed competitor keyword analysis helps marketers improve their search engine strategies from keywords and phrases that are proven. These search keywords also help marketers penetrate new niche markets.

One untapped competitor keyword can deliver millions in new revenue to a marketer. First find the competitor keywords that work. Next, learn if they are relevant to your business sector in the minds of prospects. Then find untapped search markets on which the keyword is popular yet under-sponsored.

That call-to-action led, a full-service online marketing firm, to develop and introduce GorillaCV, a competitor search keyword rapid discovery service for Web marketers in highly competitive sectors.

“Many tools can generate thousands of related keywords, but discovering what works for your competitor is a laborious, time-consuming and potentially very costly process. GorillaCV presents our clients with exactly what keywords are working for their competition. By rapidly identifying competitors’ search keywords, GorillaCV helps them target the most-productive keywords and helps them penetrate the right search markets fast with more precision,” commented Robert Henslee, CEO of and chief architect of GorillaCV, the agency’s latest competitive online marketing service.

Groucho Marx said it on “You Bet Your Life,” the early 1950’s TV show. “Say the secret word and collect $100.” Today’s online marketers are playing for much bigger stakes than the TV game show. If you’ve found search keywords that win your company top rank in the search engines, a new flood of visitors may go to your website and add big bucks to your bottom line. Marketers are betting millions to target Web shoppers’ favorite search keywords, and you bet your life it’s because the right ones will pay off big in new sales.

“Discovering one untapped industry-specific keyword can deliver millions in new revenue to your company,” said Henslee. “Now, just imagine what could happen if you learned what already works for your competition. You can take a big shortcut toward defining your own winners. Conversely, if you don't know what your competitors are using effectively, you'll miss the untapped opportunities to reach your market that others have already validated."

The paid search game isn’t cheap to play. You wouldn’t be unusual if last month your company spent over $100,000 on paid search keywords to send hundreds of thousands of visitors to the company Web site and generated thousands of sales worth tens of millions of dollars in new revenue. If you bid on keywords that work that well, you’d certainly want more.

Highly competitive keywords may run up budgets, but the right $60 per click keyword can generate huge results. For example, a search for the keyword “loan” on Google produces 445,000,000 results. The odds of your link being the one selected are less than winning the lottery, but buy that keyword, and you might be LendingTree, a company consistently appearing in the top 3 results on Google page 1. With that top ranking, loan prospects will find you by the millions.

Bidding for “loan” is justifiably fierce. Financial services sector networks such as LendingTree profit from buying keywords that search engine visitors use to search for loans. The right keywords generate pre-qualified loan leads for the LendingTree lending network in large numbers.

When lenders compete to win those loans, LendingTree wins. Pre-qualified leads are what Lending Tree offers to lenders, and their network of lenders includes many of the biggest, including Bank of America, Chase, CitiBank, and Capital One, MBNA, PNC Bank and Wachovia. These lenders respond to LendingTree’s pre-qualified leads, offer loans to borrowers and (as disclosed on the LendingTree website) pay a fee to LendingTree of up to $1,300 once the winning lender closes on the loan offer with the borrower.

“With GorillaCV, we’ve supercharged the competitor keyword discovery process for our clients. GorillaCV is fast, precise, and actionable because a GorillaCV identifies competitor search keywords and phrases as well as niche markets in which your competitor is actively profitable. GorillaCV can discover many of your competitor keywords that are buried in niche markets that may be missed via other discovery methods,” Henslee stated.

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