Annuity IQ Announces Web Based Platform for Variable Annuity Information

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Annuity IQ a popular destination for both consumers and brokers now offers complete variable annuity information in a easy to use web based format.

It is all about real information, real facts and an unbiased approach

Annuity IQ moves forward to a web-based platform. After the great success of “The Annuity Report,” Annuity IQ wanted future updates to be easier to obtain by their clients.

“The whole idea behind The Annuity Report was to be up-to-date at all times. Having it a web-based subscription will make it easier for brokers to get up-to-date information for their clients and it will allow consumers to get up-to-date information to make an informed decision,” Mr. DeMonte, owner of Annuity IQ, said. Mr. DeMonte went on to say, “We have several more things on the horizon as well. Everything we are working on is designed to make the visit at Annuity IQ easier and more pleasurable. There is nothing worse than having a tough time navigating a web site to find the information you need.”

The success that Annuity IQ has had is a direct result of the value this information has to offer. No longer does the broker or the consumer have to take someone’s word on the information they hear, they can actually check it out for themselves. “It is all about real information, real facts and an unbiased approach,” Mr. DeMonte said.

“Moving forward and making The Annuity Report easier to search has been my goal from the very beginning. The problem was finding the technology to make it easy to search and understand. We have accomplished this with the help of some very talented individuals,” Mr. DeMonte said.

The new subscription service now offered by Annuity IQ will allow people to buy a month’s access, 6 months or 1 year to the site’s member’s area. This will allow people to access the ever changing variable annuity information.

“I wanted to get away from the e-book, as it was cumbersome to read with all of the information.” Mr. DeMonte went on to say, “I am a very legitimate source of variable annuity information. I am one of the few people who, not only embrace these products, but try to show their benefits in a clear concise way.”

Understanding living benefits and annuities is a daunting task. Annuity IQ has done a great job in defining and rating variable annuity contracts. Unlike other annuity sources, Annuity IQ does not actively sell annuity contracts of any type.

“Maintaining my unbiased philosophy would be very difficult to do if I actually sold variable annuities to people. I would be dealing with a complete conflict of interest in trying to provide truly unbiased information or earning commissions,” Mr. DeMonte said.

Mr. DeMonte went on to say, “My goal is clear, be a resource for both the consumer and the broker. Brokers are given stories by company representatives, these stories are then passed to clients. What if the story told was a loose interpretation of the actual facts? Then the whole system is flawed, I am not saying all the stories brokers get are flawed, but when a sale is trying to be made the lines between truth and reality often get blurred.”

Mr. DeMonte further explained how he just attended a meeting where the company representative told an error to a room full of brokers. “This has a trickle down affect, the brokers who heard this story will tell other brokers. The brokers will then tell clients and the clients will tell countless other people. It is clear that one slip up could cost or hurt many people. At the end of the day who gets hurt? Everyone gets hurt. The client, the broker’s reputation and the broker dealer could be sued.”

Annuity IQ’s goal of providing timely and up to date information has made it a popular site for both consumers and brokers. “It is about a 50/50 mix of both brokers and consumers who use my information. I hope that we gain more market share with both brokers and consumers. Understanding these benefits is tough, even for seasoned brokers; I am trying to make everyone’s job easier,” Mr. DeMonte said.

The way Mr. DeMonte framed it is if you are going to invest $20,000, $50,000 or $100,000, don’t you want to make sure you understand what you are buying. In today’s world of rapid information, there is still one area that lags behind in delivering quality and all inclusive information and that is the variable annuity world.

“People are so busy, on the internet I mean, trying to sell product that they are missing the point. People want information and not to be sold product all the time. When I tried to find information as both a financial advisor and as a wholesaler it was difficult, you had to jump from each company’s internet site to another’s. Now with a small fee you can have access to not just information, but clear information written for people - not written by lawyers,” Mr. DeMonte said.

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