Kabbalah Of Transformation Program Reveals Inner Secrets Of Creation and Human Potential: Kabbalah Not Just for Celebrities, Founder Claims

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Shifra Hendrie, professional life coach and teacher of authentic Kabbalah, is offering a free introduction to her transformational kabbalah-based coaching program, Turning Walls into Doorways. If you would like to understanding the fascinating secrets behind the events of our times, align yourself with your purpose and learn how to turn your life's challenges into opportunities for joy, fulfillment, growth and authentic power, this course is for you.

Professional Life Coach and long-time student and teacher of Kabbalah Shifra Hendrie has launched "Turning Walls into Doorways," a unique program for personal and spiritual growth based on the world's most ancient and profound wisdom. Designed for Jews and non-Jews of all backgrounds, the program offers participants profound insights into the unique nature of our times, together with powerful tools to maximize their potential and transform their lives and relationships.

Hendrie's business, known as the Kabbalah of Transformation, offers an exciting and innovative approach to the ancient teaching of authentic Kabbalah. Her classes, programs and writings present this profound and powerful wisdom in accessible and easily understood language while providing powerful tools to integrate it into the nitty gritty challenges of life. To find out more, to register for her fascinating free online course, “Seven Kabbalah Secrets That Can Change Your Life,” or to join a free introductory class, visit http://www.KabbalahofTransformation.com.

Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, was carefully guarded in an unbroken line for thousands of years. Once the province of a select few learned and holy individuals, in recent years an abbreviated and sometimes distorted version of this profound Divine wisdom has become a fad among Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna and others.

The Kabbalah of Transformation approach stands out as both highly authentic and uniquely accessible, emphasizing authentic Kabbalah's power not only to reveal the secrets of Creation, but to actively transform lives and relationships.

"Kabbalah is the blueprint for Creation," says Hendrie. "That means it contains all of the secrets of life and is the ultimate 'how to' manual for releasing human potential. It will help you to access your own unique purpose and power. It will give you enormous insights into the unsettling events of our times and how you can use them in order to create transformation in your life and your world. And it can bring you a profound sense of peace even in the midst of chaos, challenge and change. Although it’s Jewish mysticism, because of the unique nature of our times, authentic Kabbalah can be studied by anybody who sincerely wants to be more deeply connected with their own essence and purpose, and who wants to make a profound difference for themselves and their world.”

In addition to professional coaching services, paid programs and classes, Hendrie offers a number of free introductory programs, both online and via telephone conference call. To find out more or to register for any of these fascinating programs, visit her website at http://www.kabbalahoftransformation.com.


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