Haydn And The USA Love Affair

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Non-conformist British artist Haydn reveals in a private interview that he is madly in love with the US and wishes he was American.

Non-conformist British artist, Haydn, reveals today in a private interview that he is madly in love with the US and wishes he was an American.

There has been much speculation over whether Haydn is either American or British. A great deal of his image is more American than British along with his unique music style and "I don't give a damn attitude" but it is now confirmed that this is just a dream of his rather than a reality.

Haydn attracts a large American fanbase and he states that this fact makes him happy and proud of his work. Most of the fan letters and e-mails are sent to him from people across the US with only a very limited amount contacting him from Europe or his home country, the UK.

Haydn has attributed this to the very fact that only Americans are ready for his rebelious and non-conformist attitude with the Brits more at ease with the dumbed down music of boy bands, girl bands and the contestants of cheap shows like X-factor and Pop Idol. Britain is not interested in raw or controversial talent and Europe seems happy to follow - check out the Eurovision Song Contest for an example.

Haydn is cutting edge, a true artist of the 21st century and pushing never explored boundaries with his homo-erotic persona and images. He has also upset folks with the release of his very brutal and explicit true story which explores such subjects as sexual, mental and child abuse. Yet again it is only America and Americans that have embraced this unique artistic style. UK critics, including the UK Gay Press snubbing him as using sex to sell and finding his book far too explicit for the British people to cope with despite the fact that it was within the UK that the cruel brutalities of his life actually took place.

The UK are far more interested in reading about the lives of celebrities and the ridiculously talentless contestants of reality shows such as Big Brother. If they release a book of their lives the UK jump to and buy even though it is normally the most benign 'safe' material ever released and certainly would never appear outside that small island.

This American love affair started years ago as Haydn reveals in his true story, "Nobody Knows Me". He has never felt that British or European always favoring American ideals and culture even down to the language used. He spent his childhood watching and following American culture and showed very little interest in anything British or European. If America thought something was good then so did Haydn. His latest album, "Fire" is dedicated to the US and all Americans. This has also been shown by the fact that only US residents can actually obtain the CD. His book, 'Nobody Knows Me' is available via Amazon.com to US residents only.

In the interview Haydn also states that he often dreams of the great open road of the US and how he would love to travel across the entire country from coast to coast meeting as many Americans as possible just because they are living in the most amazing country in the world. He also stated that when he meets an American he is completely awe struck and wants to hear as much about the US as possible from them.

"At first it upset me that my own people snubbed me and trashed me but now I really do not care. The American people have been so wonderful and kind to me. I receive such great messages from them and encouragement. Who needs the British when you have the Americans behind you? It is annoying though that the British are not willing to hear my story when it was in this place of hell that my darkness and pain happened. I am a true US patriot but unfortunately not an American."

About Artist

Haydn is a non-conformist and independent artist. He is creatively empowered with total freedom over everything he creates. Haydn has created and released two CD albums entitled "Nobody Knows Me" (January 2005) and "Fire" (November 2005) and an autobiography entitled "Nobody Knows Me" (2006). Released via the internet they have received over 500,000 plays with international interest affording Haydn several hundred fans and supporters.


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