The Next Frontier in Healing: “Enzymes Will Transform How We View and Combat Disease”

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On Dr. Ellen Cutler's path toward healing her own physical problems, she encountered the theraputic and healing value of enzymes. Now after 24 years of clinical practice, she has penned both her personal and professonal experiences along with her wisdom & science to offer us one of the only layman's books on enzymes: MicroMiracles:Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes. (Rodale)

As a young child, Ellen Cutler suffered from digestive problems that were so severe, she dreaded eating for fear of the bloating, constipation, and cramping that followed. When she got older, her symptoms got worse, aggravated by her stressful schedule as a chiropractic student. She tried a wide range of supplements, colonics, therapies, and fasting, to no avail. Doctors invariably recommended a regimen of drugs that would treat the symptoms of inflammatory bowel syndrome or ulcerative colitis but would never get to the root of her problem. Despite the deterioration in her health, her medical education thrived. It was during an intensive three-year postgraduate program that one of her instructors recommended she read about enzymes and take a plant digestive enzyme for own condition. Two weeks after she started supplementation, Ellen Cutler was symptom-free—permanently.

Twenty-four years later, Dr. Cutler is the preeminent authority in the field of enzyme therapy. In MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Powers of Enzymes she explains how and why enzymes are essential to good health, shows readers how to identify and evaluate enzyme deficiencies, and helps them create their own enzyme regimens. Based on extensive research and more than two decades of life-changing work with patients suffering from a wide range of ailments, this is the first book to fully explore the unlimited potential of enzyme therapy.

Dr. Cutler writes in her Introduction, “…enzymes are the medicine of the future. They are revolutionary and holistic and will transform how we view and treat disease. They are essential to true healing in its most basic sense: the restoration of optimal health and balance, or homeostasis.”

In MicroMiracles, she describes how enzymes are necessary for our bodies to carry out the most basic metabolic functions, and how healthy immune function is also dependent on enzymes. She explains how enzymes not only prevent disease but also heal chronic health problems and boost overall energy, stamina, and vitality.

Following an explanation of the three different categories of enzymes—systemic or metabolic, digestive, and food, Dr. Cutler provides a self-test to help readers determine whether an enzyme deficiency is behind particular health issues they are experiencing. Specific, detailed information gathered from this evaluation enables readers to develop a personalized enzyme program that targets their unique needs and helps them achieve optimal health in a wide range of categories, from lowering the risk of such potentially life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease to enhancing elements essential to well-being such as energy level and emotional balance. Category by category, Dr. Cutler prescribes lifestyle changes, dietary guidelines, and enzyme supplements to renew and sustain good health—for life.

Throughout MicroMiracles, inspiring case studies provide real-life examples of Dr. Cutler’s patients whose lives have been changed forever by the implementation of enzyme therapy, demonstrating how enzymes are, truly, nature’s “micromiracles.”

About the Author

Ellen Cutler, D.C. is the founder of BioSet, an innovative healing system that combines enzyme therapy with other complementary medicine disciplines. The author of such groundbreaking books as Winning the War against Asthma and Allergies and The Food Allergy Cure, Dr. Cutler presents workshops and seminars on enzyme therapy to health care professionals around the world.


Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes

By Ellen W. Cutler, D.C.

Publication date: October 2005

384 pages, $15.95 paperback original

ISBN 1-59486-221-4

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