Author's New Book Transforms Single Dads into Super Single Dads

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Author Jorge Arguello’s new e-book, “The Super Single Dad; Artfully Raising Children”, will transform any ordinary single parent, specifically single dads, into what his children will refer to him as, a super single dad. This primer plants the seeds showing you how to raise your children in an “artful” manner

Jorge Arguello, of Redding California, releases his much anticipated e-book, The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children which is now available as a download.

Arguello wrote the guidebook in order to help new full time single dads, as well as those who have been at it for a bit, yet still wondering, and asking, the “Now What” question.

“I wrote the book as a primer really, to plant the seeds,” Arguello says, “because when I was an up and coming single dad, there really weren’t any resources to tap into, and nothing out there to find out what to do about certain aspects of child rearing. I mean, they don’t hand out manuals at the hospital, or the divorce courts either for that matter. So I’m providing that resource of helpful tips and insights for today's single dad on what it takes to raise children to adulthood that you can be proud of.”

Arguello, a first generation Nicaraguan American author and songwriter, became a single dad with full custody of his children when they were both 3 and 4 years of age. Their mother gave up her rights and he found himself raising his children without her involvement at all.

Arguello explains, “As it turned out, I was awarded full custody of the children by the judge, but I thought she would be involved somewhat. After awhile though it just seemed it was too much for her. I was then left with complete responsibility of raising my kids which, was fine with me.”

With so much in the news about deadbeat fathers, Arguello wants to dispel the myth that all men are unwilling to be part of their children’s lives or that they feel it an imposition on their own time.

“The fact is that many women today are giving up their children at a much higher rate and that they are the ones who feel children are an imposition on their lives; their time.” Arguello continues, “Because I have worked in the school system, and through experience being around single moms, I’ve notice that more and more of the women complain about not being able to do what they did as singles, as if it’s the child’s fault they were born at all. It really is a different world and it’s about time that everyone catches on to the fact that dads can raise their children just as well, and I believe better than most of the moms out there.”

He truly feels the reality is many dads want to be a bigger part of their children’s lives, more than the usual visitation rights or the split weeks or months, and he wrote his book to help those fathers who want to be more for his children, especially those that have them full time.

“I really wrote the book for those fathers that have their kids full time and without the help or involvement of the other parent. But the tips, techniques and insights will help any parent, even single moms!” Arguello says with a grin.

To download your copy please visit...

...and start your journey on raising your children artfully and watching them flourish into respectful, responsible and wonderful human beings.

Arguello is providing information helping the single dad with full custody of their children. His new downloadable e-book, "The Super Single Dad: Artfully Raising Children" is available at...

He continues to develop follow-up books, audio products and video instruction on how to raise your children artfully and will become available soon. The websites and blogs will continually be updated and will be a resource for the single dad with full custody to get the answers he is looking for. Visit his blogs at:

His new website is under construction and will be up and running soon with lots of articles, resources and tools related to raising children artfully.

Jorge Arguello is a musician, author, internet marketer and super single dad consultant to his clients, and still SSD to his children. You can contact him at:

The Super Single Dad; Artfully Raising Children


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