Prison Security Consultant Suggests a Different Approach for Drug Offenders

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Vic Plessner, a leading Security Consultant suggests a different approach to dealing with drug offenders.

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Vic Plessner of the VHP Group, a security consulting company, is recommending a different approach to dealing with drug offenders.

“Our prisons are over crowded with drug offenders who have committed a crime in order to obtain drugs. Unfortunately, most prisons don’t offer drug rehabilitation. Some prisons do have some drug counseling and even have drug group meetings but is this enough to stop the cycle?” asks Plessner

“Most hard core drug addicts require a long term rehabilitation program. In fact, most drug addicts have more problems than just addiction. Their problems may include years of psychological problems. Some are even diagnosed as having dual symptoms which may include criminal or mental disorders. Incarceration alone will not stop these addicts from using drugs once they are let out of prison.” said Vic Plessner.

“My recommendation is to modify some prisons as drug rehabilitation centers. You still need the security staff and lock down capabilities of a maximum security prison but the whole management style has to be directed to drug therapy. The drug offender should be offered a choice of therapy over length of incarceration. For example, serve 15 years with no eligibility for parole or spend two years in intensive drug and mental therapy and then become eligible for parole. After care should be part of the parole. Recovering addicts should have to attend regular continued drug and mental therapy as well as special counseling for re-entry into society.

There has to be built in programs to deal with set backs. If an inmate/addict “acts out” and refuses to go along with the program, they need to go to a lock down area and given a chance to cool down and think things over. Think of it as dealing with a child. Send him (her) to his room. Give them a “time out”. There has to be rewards also for some accomplishments. This could be in better housing arrangements that he or she has earned. It might include other privileges that can also be taken away if the behavior gets out of hand. Of course, there will also be instances where the addict agrees to the program and just refuses the help and they will have to be let out of the program and sent back to a regular prison.

I believe the program will work if it is administered by professionals skilled in psychiatry. In principal, I am against other recovering drug addicts counseling. I have seen too many instances where they fall back into drugs and set a poor example for the person trying to recover. I know there are exceptions but I am suggesting a model designed for success without using things that are doubtful.” says Plessner

Victor Plessner is CEO of the VHP Group in the US and Managing Director of the VHP Group Asia based in Thailand and has over 38 years experience as an International Security Consultant. His company designs High Level Security and Communications and provides Threat Analysis, Security Master Plans, Security Training, Security Policies and Procedures and Auditing.

“Our main advantage is that we understand operations. Although we are experts in technology we don’t look to throw equipment alone at the problem. We think out of the box! Many solutions are a combination of equipment, good administration, policies and procedures and architectural designs to enhance security.

In Colombia, South America, we solved a prison security problem by having an entire village relocated. In another example, we recommended a lunch program for the poor people adjacent to a shipping port to reduce theft and to work with the local people instead of against them. We have also encouraged the building of hospital wings and soccer fields.

When Pablo Escobar escaped from a Colombian prison, we were the ones hired to re-design their prisons and revise their Federal Prison Polices and Procedures and to introduce new courses at their school of corrections.” says Vic Plessner.

Vic has been a member of the American Correctional Association (ACA), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Institute of Electrical Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Expert witness for Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys (TASA,) Manufacturers Agents National Association (MANA), Security Industry Speakers’ Bureau, XL Results Foundation, Network for Success, American Chamber of Commerce Thailand, Foreign Correspondent's Club of Thailand, and the National Major Gang Task Force. He has lectured on security subjects all over the world.

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