What You Couldn't Get at Film School but Were Dying to Have Now Offered by PartyCp8

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Over one hundred student filmmakers join the HD digital revolution. Working together as part of brand new mentoring program, they will produce a feature film suitable for international distribution and have a share in the profits.

Some 107 aspiring filmmakers have heard from a variety of film industry mentors both from Australia and Hollywood that they are in a unique position to enter the industry. Is this cheap talk or is it for real?

Josef Demian, a Cannes Awarded director and cinematographer told them last week, “The Art of Cinema has been reinvented: the way the motion pictures are made and the way they’re shown. Today the digital revolution is empowering talented individuals like never before, not just to be noticed with clever short films, but with fully professional feature films. And in the not-so-distant future they will be even able to distribute their films directly to the consumer’s High Definition screens at home, anywhere in the world.”

Michael O’Rourke, a screenwriter for Australia’s most popular TV Show overseas, Neighbours, told students that the usual way work is done in the industry [as screenwriters] is on ‘spec’; that is, writers work either on the speculation that their work may be produced or even under contract, but never sure if what they write will go to the screen. “What you guys are doing is the converse, you know your work will be produced even before you write it. You’ve got no idea how lucky you are,” he added.

PartyCp8 is a new film school with a completely different approach to filmmaking. It focuses mainly on one thing: to give its students practical hands-on experience in a professional grade feature film production allowing them to thus earn a film credit. “This is the right way to go about it.” said Mr. Demian. “Let them be inventive… tell us stories full of emotion and imagination. Let them work, not just talk about making a real motion picture using this amazing [HD] technology; regardless of whether they have industry training or not… with the right kind of mentoring, they will be years ahead. And they will also learn invaluable lessons for their future careers.”

PartyCp8 claims to complement every film school or acting workshop available. Adrian Bertino-Clarke, PartyCp8’s Director and co-founder explains, “No matter whether a person has natural talent and where they have received professional training, the one key factor that may prevent the start of their professional careers is the lack of track record; the lack of a credit in a feature film. We have designed PartyCp8 to give them just that: they will work in a professional grade film as part of our mentoring program… as such we complement every film school in the world. All film schools want their students to have [film] credits and become successful professionals; this is increasingly more and more difficult in an industry no longer run by artistic producers but by astute financial controllers.

“At PartyCp8 we teach our students the importance of the business of filmmaking but not at the expense of the art form; just as much as to have creative integrity but not at the expense of the market. We focus on stories that have wide international commercial appeal, targeted to the most populous market segment there is: the family market.”

Oriana Panozzo, an Australian actress and teacher with more than 30 years of industry experience who worked in leading roles for shows such as A Country Practice, Young Doctors and Sons and Daughters, is one of the regular mentors at PartyCp8. She told students “I wished PartyCp8 was around 30 years ago when I started.” She added, “It would have been so much easier.” Asked about her involvement in PartyCp8: “I am really impressed with the quality of talent attending the course – on both sides of the fence; it’s such an amazingly exciting adventure to work with all these aspiring actors, writers, directors and producers and to watch them work as a team in an actual movie!”

Australian mentors are joined by Hollywood teachers live via video-conference. The Hollywood contingent has been organized by the distinguished UCLA Extension, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world.

“We have been working with UCLA for well over a year in the course structure and dynamics. They have put together an incredible list of talented professionals to guide and coach our Sydney students,” Bertino-Clarke added. “Our students can get Hollywood training, ask pertinent questions about their project and get the answers they’re looking for without leaving Sydney.”

The list includes among others: Beverly Graf, Bettina Moss, Jim Tanenbaum, Paul Brincat, Tony Barry and three times Academy Awards Winner Jerry Jeffress (an up-to-date list can be obtained from the PartyCp8 website: http://www.partycp8.com/index.php?teachers).

The course is a comprehensive 12-month part-time mentoring program. Students get classes on all relevant aspects of HD Digital filmmaking, from the development of story ideas to drafting a full screenplay, then pre-production, acting, directing, cinematography, post-production and marketing. In the second half of the course students are guided hands-on in the film production of an actual feature film that will be submitted to national and international film festivals and pitched to Studios for theatrical release.

What characterizes a great idea is mostly its simplicity and the extent of its application. If you are talented and would like to work in the film industry there is no doubt that your best calling card is a film credit.

New South Wales government Minister for Business and Regional Development, The Hon. David Campbell, was at the launch. He said PartyCp8 was an important initiative that promoted skills and Australian industry as well as launching the next generation of Australian talent and creating a potential source of export income.

"With the kind of mentoring program we designed, we believe that our students will be able to write, act, direct and produce a world-class product that will make us all very proud," Campbell said.

The first series of workshops started at the end of April with a new course scheduled for September 2006 with a maximum quota of 150. Applications will close as soon as they reach their full quota.

For more details visit their impressive web site: http://www.partycp8.com

For more information contact:

Adrian Bertino-Clarke, Director, PartyCp8 Pty. Ltd.

Phone: +61 2 9209-4312 (AUS) or +1 310 817 6253 (US)

Web: http://www.partycp8.com
Press Kit: http://www.partycp8.com/presskit/presskit.zip


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