FibreSpan on the Silver Screen with Dark Fibre Network in Soho

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FibreSpan, the country’s most affordable provider of dark fibre solutions, has announced that it has dramatically increased the size and scope of its Soho network in London’s busy West End.

FibreSpan, the country’s most affordable provider of dark fibre solutions, has announced that it has dramatically increased the size and scope of its Soho network in London’s busy West End.

Working in partnership with Sohonet, the only network connectivity company dedicated to servicing Soho’s film production and post-production industry, the company now has a complete fibre network operating across both the north and south of Oxford Street, as well as east and west of Regent Street, providing greater resilience and expansion capabilities.

A number of major film productions have utilised the network over the last year, exchanging significant volumes of material between post production houses. Most recently, the new Bond blockbuster Casino Royale, along with Harry Potter, M:i III and King Kong.

Using its patent pending microduct technology, FibreSpan has laid new dark fibre to link the north and south networks that it deployed last year, which now services over 30 separate locations in the area. Customers are now benefiting from a quick and easy path to upgrade their connection speed to Gigabit and beyond, as well as benefit from enhanced resilience as digital delivery requirements continue to expand.

This latest build ensures that the network continues to perform flawlessly. Sohonet was attracted to FibreSpan’s leased dark fibre solution as it provides unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost, a package that is not available from incumbent providers.

"We provide a unique network connectivity service to the film and television industry and have to be geared to meet the specific demands of this sector,” comments Dave Scammell, Managing Director of Sohonet. “Our customers make large data transfers within precise time-scales, where security is paramount.

Standard Telco links simply cannot service these needs and so we have to provide connectivity based on fibre networks. We have completed a number of deployments with FibreSpan because they provide bespoke dark fibre at the right price and right level of flexibility. The solution is perfect for us and our relationship will continue to evolve as our network grows."

FibreSpan’s solution enables Sohonet to provide managed networks for reliable and secure high bandwidth media transfer within the film production and post-production industry in Soho and the West End. It also helps Sohonet to live up to its commitment to outstanding service – providing a secure and reliable network with zero contention (meaning that transfer times and speeds are consistent at all times), without resorting to the excessive overhead of sustaining massive unused bandwidths.

For further information please contact:

Robert Bicket, Chief Executive, FibreSpan

T: +44 (0)23 8057 4590

E: rbicket @

    Kerry Jago, Consultant, Zest Marketing

T: +44 (0)7817 916654

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About FibreSpan -

FibreSpan is a fibre solutions company with a national telecommunications licence. It designs, installs, operates and leases private dark fibre circuits, working in partnership with health and education, local authorities and other multi-site organisations. Established in 1999, it is an independent UK national statutory utility, licensed by the DTI and regulated by Ofcom.

It is FibreSpan’s goal to make fibre optic connectivity a viable solution for organisations throughout the UK. In order to achieve this, the company has invested in developing patent-pending microduct technology that is swiftly changing the face of fibre optic deployment – allowing access to bespoke dark fibre connectivity at an affordable and competitive rate.

FibreSpan offers an end-to-end service that includes consultation, network planning, rapid deployment and comprehensive support. Its dark fibre networks offer unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost for the term of the contract - a genuinely future proof solution. This puts FibreSpan in a unique position to enable clients to have complete control of future bandwidth demand.

About Sohonet -

Sohonet's experience has grown from the demands of its original Soho based customers, and has been providing international service since 1998. Now entering a new phase of expansion Sohonet can offer its unique brand of networking service on a worldwide basis.

The Sohonet service philosophy is based upon sound independent advice on the most suitable methods and technology to provide cost effective, efficient, reliable and secure media transfers to suit individual and dynamic requirements.

Within the production and postproduction environment time is money, and Sohonet has gathered years of experience to ensure that transfers of any type take place reliably and securely. Sohonet not only understand this essential requirement of the production community, but also how to manage the network to reduce contention to zero - but without resorting to the excessive overhead of mainly unused massive bandwidth. This unique blend of network management and production experience is the essence of Sohonet.


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