Homepage4.com Launches Democratic Search Engine to Challenge Pay Per Click and Internet Sponsorship

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Businesses are encouraged to take advantage of this new advertising platform and upload their text, audio and / or video adverts free of charge. Simply open an account and click on ‘use this space’ or ‘add advertisement’ in the account manager.

An Oxford (UK) based company has launched a democratic search engine which is set to provide opportunities for new, small and independent businesses and provide more choice for consumers. The website uses web 2 technology to eliminate the need for a list, giving every listed business an equal chance of being seen.

Trading on the internet is currently undemocratic and uncompetitive

When consumers search for anything, say music on a search engine, one lucky (or rich) company will be listed as #1 and some poor chap will be # 1,000,000. The businesses listed 1-5 will get all the sales, and those listed 6 – 1,000,000 will get little or nothing. The reasons for such listing may be as mundane as alphabets – Aa and you are top and get sales, Zz and you are bottom and get nothing. Usually, it comes down to who has paid the most.

More absurdly, a business selling knickers can buy top spot in the music category. Those searching for music will be directed to the knickers website – in effect, the consumers are paying because of the time they waste.

Homepage4.com solution

Homepage4.com has in effect crossed GOOGLE with the Million Dollar Homepage and then gone further. When businesses submit their ad to homepage4.com, they can use text, audio, video or all three on the same page. So if a business is currently advertising on radio, TV or in a newspaper in one locality or country, submitting an ad to homepage4.com will provide 24h a day 7 days a week advertisement worldwide.

Submitting an ad to homepage4.com is similar to submitting your website to any search engine but audio or a video can be used to actually show potential customers the products and services. An unlimited number of audio / video files can be uploaded per ad (max 10MB per file). So if a business is advertising a music album, video, movie, film, car, cosmetic, pet food, browse the AD CATEGORIES on homepage4.com to find one that is suitable. Customers can rate, review and recommend the products / services. Furthermore, the advertiser can reply to all reviews / comments and see the number of page impressions and clicks for their ad.

Homepage4 uses technology which is still being tested by the likes of GOOGLE and Microsoft – enter the word ‘homepage4’ in the search field to see technology similar to that in Google suggest.

Why advertising does (not) work

When adverts appear on a TV show, most people switch channels or put the kettle on and are not engaged with the ad. In fact, most of us regard advertising (on TV, e-mail, phone calls, snail mail) as unwanted intrusion into our lives. The most an advertiser can hope for is brand recognition and they use gimmicks ant TV stars.

However, if one wanted to buy say a fragrance from ones partner and it is listed on homepage4.com – you intentionally click to watch the advert. The advertiser has your full attention and what you want is information, not gimmicks. What is the evidence that the product does what it says on the bottle? How was it made – environmental impact? Were the workers paid a decent wage? You will be asking these questions 2 clicks from a sale and 2 clicks from watching a competing advert. Real choice for consumers and real competition for businesses. Now advertising can really work for both businesses and consumers.

Homepage4.com encourages businesses to submit their ads. The service is currently free, and the most they will lose is about 5 minutes of their time.

How much will it cost?

Uploading an ad to homepage4.com is currently free of charge. Once homepage4.com is providing a service to businesses and consumers, a text ad will cost about 10p (about 17 cents) max per day, even if a million people click on the ad. Audio and video ads will cost a bit more.

If you do nothing else, go to http://www.homepage4.com, enter ‘HOMEPAGE4’ in the search box and use the suggestions of the search tool to select ‘Homepage4.com Uploading video files.’ Click on the ad with the picture of the video camera. Then click on play video to watch my beautiful fiancée and my son taking his first steps!

Welcome to the future

Welcome to web2. Welcome to the age of advertisement on demand. Welcome to homepage4.com.

http://www.homepage4.com. is a new company that was started in Jan 2006 by myself (Dr Paul Ayuk BSc (Hons), MB.BS (Hons), MRCOG, PhD) and my Fiancée Angela after I decided to take time off a career as a hospital doctor and lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Oxford University to spend time at home with my young son (now 21 months old).


Dr Paul Ayuk

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