Personal Contact Manager Automatically Designs, Creates, Stamps and Mails Handwritten Greeting Cards

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A Personal Contact Manager system has been developed by that can be used to generate referrals with personal handwritten mailed postcards and greeting cards that sets any sales agent, representative or executive apart from the crowd. has developed an online personal contact system that makes staying in touch easier than ever.

No one needs to tell sales managers how important it is to stay in touch with their client base. Sales agents, representatives and executives often use emails or personal greeting cards or less expensive postcards to do this.

Long-term, the most successful individuals have been those who are consistent in their follow-up efforts.

The problem with doing it well often falls to individual initiative and ambition. It's all too easy to get tired or careless or forgetful over time.

Staying in touch by sending out handwritten personalized postcards or greeting cards has traditionally been expensive and time consuming so has created a contact system that has made it possible for anyone to automate the most difficult 75-80% of the process at minimal expense.

Located in East Salt Lake City and run by Kody Bateman, CEO. Bateman boasts that in the little more than two years since its start, has grown from a conceptual dream into a designer, seller and shipper of more than 6,000 greeting cards per day.

And beyond his bustling printing plant and warehouse in east Salt Lake City, Bateman has fielded a nation-wide direct-sales network of more than 7000 distributors. "All of a sudden, we're busting at the seams. A year from now we will be 10 times larger than today, easy," he says.

Kyle Sheldon-Chandler is a user and distributor of the system who will outsource most of the tasks of client follow-up and prospecting this year to the company system.

Send Out Cards sets itself apart in several ways from its competition but what caught this writer's attention was the promise of being able to use a font of his own handwriting or signature from a sampling form he sent them in the mail.

Greeting card recipients may never discover that the note they receive wasn't written, signed and sealed by hand.

This system was specifically developed for those who want to send a personal card to someone but often forget to do it or simply find themselves overwhelmed with other tasks.

Real Estate sales agents often send a series of follow-up notes to a business prospect or customer, but don't have a system to keep track of who to send it to and when?

The system solves those problems by offering a custom greeting card template that is used in the 12-step card mailing campaign.

When David Frey meets someone at an event -- or when someone buys something from him -- He tries to get the person's name and address and sometimes even their birthdate or anniversary date.

He then puts that information into http://www.'s reminder system, and when the date rolls around, the reminder tells him to send a personal card to them.

Another way he uses the system to get referrals is by sending his current clients and prospects a 12-month follow-up referral card. "I usually get an average of two referrals per customer using this system."

Here's the way it worked for him. He developed a set of six very unique referral card designs, which he had set up for him in the system.

Then he set up a 12-step mailing campaign using a mix of referral cards, thank-you cards and holiday cards.

"Now, every time someone buys from me, I enter their name into the system and attach my 12-step referral campaign to their name and push a button. That's all I have to do."

"At the beginning of each month -- over the next 12 months -- my customer gets a handwritten, personalized card from me through the mail. And it only costs $12 to stay in touch with them for the next year ... ".

So how does one get hold of this automated follow-up system? Unfortunately, the company will not let individuals sign up by themselves.

In order to get it, the individual will need to be referred by a current distributor who will walk him or her through the initial sign up process.

This is called a referral-based system.

Kody Bateman explains "it's new, it's cutting edge technology and it's a time saver for anyone who needs to keep in touch over a long period of time. Oh, and it's cheaper than anything currently out there by a mile at less than 70 cents a card."

Hallmark Cards, Inc - a company that currently dominates close to 80% of the current greeting card market may not even be aware of's existence.

Bateman isn't concerned. He doesn't expect to overtake Hallmark anytime soon but he does expect to be able to capture 40% of the current market for greeting cards within the next 3 years.

For more information about this article or a demonstration of this system, contact Bruce Santucci at 321-733-0645 or via email. Mr. Santucci is a SendOutCards User and Independent Distributor in Florida


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