How to Predict 2006 FIFA World Cup Winner Using Feng Shui

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Use the Chinese 5 Elements System (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) to predict all the matches of 2006 FIFA World Cup. Predict which team will win the match with high accuracy.

The Chinese 5 Elements Feng Shui Principle can be applied to predict all 2006 FIFA World Cup Matches. With the Chinese 5 Elements system, you can predict every FIFA World Cup Match with more than 80% accuracy.

To predict, you need to know the Chinese Feng Shui 5 Elements. The Chinese Feng Shui 5 Elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. When these elements interact with each others, they create the constructive and destructive forces. There are only 4 interaction probabilities. Therefore, the methodology is rather easy to master.

1.    The Producing Cycle.

(Wood Produces Fire, Fire Produces Earth, Earth Produces Metal, Metal Produces Water and Water Produces Wood)

When Wood produces Fire, what it means is that the Fire element is at an advantages position compared to the Wood element. On the other hand, the Wood element is at a disadvantage position.

2.    The Weakening Cycle.

(Fire Weakens Wood, Wood Weakens Water, Water Weakens Metal, Metal Weakens Earth and Earth Weakens Fire)

The Weakening Cycle is the reverse expression of the Producing Cycle. Fire weakens Wood means that Fire consumes Wood as fuel and thus the Fire element is at an advantages position. Since the Wood element is being consumed, therefore, it burns itself out.

3.    The Controlling Cycle.

(Wood Controls Earth, Earth Controls Water, Water Control Fire, Fire Controls Metal and Metal Controls Wood)

The Controlling Cycle is also known as Destructive Cycle. Fire controls Metal means that Fire has the power to overcome Metal. What it means here is that when Fire is being applied on Metal, Metal will go deformed and thus can be shaped into any other shapes. In this case, Fire element is at an advantages position and Metal element is at a very bad position.

4.    Matching.

(Wood Matches Wood, Fire Matches Fire, Earth Matches Earth, Metal Matches Metal and Water Matches Water)

When Fire Matches Fire, it means Fire brings luck to Fire. In this case, both teams bring luck to each other. Therefore, we must find other comparison methods (Producing Cycle, Weakening Cycle and Controlling Cycle) to draw a better conclusion.

Since every team has got uniform; uniform has got colors; colors have got the elements. Therefore, we are able to predict all the 2006 FIFA World Cup matches using the Interactivity of the Chinese 5 Elements.

But before we start, you have to know the colors and their elements.

Wood element:     Green and Chocolate

Fire Element:    Orange, Red, Maroon and Red Purple

Earth Element:    Yellow and Brownish Tan

Metal Element:    White, Silver and Gold

Water Element:    Blue, Gray and Black

Since every match has got two sessions, therefore the shirts represent the first half of the match and the pants represent the second half of the match.

For example,

Team A has the following uniform:

Goalkeeper: Blue Shirt (Water Element) / Black Pant (Water Element)

Players: White Shirt (Metal Element) / Red Pant (Fire Element)

Team B has the following uniform:

Goalkeeper: Yellow Shirt (Earth Element) / Green Pant (Wood Element)

Players: Orange Shirt (Fire Element) / Blue Pant (Water)

In the first half of the match, Team A Players’ White Shirt vs Team B Goalkeeper’s Yellow Shirt. It is Team B Earth Produces Team A Metal. Therefore, Team A will very likely to score a goal. Then, we compare Team A Goalkeepers’ Blue Shirt vs Team B Players’ Orange Shirt. This is Team A Water Controlling Team B Fire. As such, Team B Players are not likely to score a goal. As a result, Team A’s luck is stronger than Team B in the first half of the game.

In the second half of the match, Team A Players’ Red Pant vs Team B Goalkeeper’s Green Pant. The is Team B Wood Produces Team A Fire. Therefore, Team A can score goal(s) again. Then, we compare Team A Goalkeepers’ Black Pant vs Team B Players’ Blue Pant. It is Team A Water matching Team B Water. It is not conclusive. In this case, we need to compare both Team Players’ pant colors. When we do the comparison, It is Team B Water Controls Team A Fire. Therefore, Team B can also score goals due to the weak defense of Team A.

In the first half of the game, Team A has stronger luck than Team B; Meanwhile, in second half, it is considered an equal. In overall, we can judge that Team A has more advantage than Team B and thus the winning chances are higher.

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