Mini Stun Gun Gives New Meaning To Accessorize

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New micro-technology has made it possible to deliver super powered protection for the average American that is virtually undetectable. With a violent crime occurring almost every 18 seconds, those who work hard and play by the rules now have the opportunity to “have an ace up their sleeve” when it comes to personal protection.

Safety Technology today released “The Runt,” a bantam sized, high voltage stun gun that is so small in can be concealed in the palm of the hand.

“The Runt” looks just like a pager or cell phone that you wear on the belt, and is the same size as a deck of playing cards, or a pack of cigarettes.

Don’t be hoodwinked by its relatively small size and weight; it delivers a kick like a mean and ornery rodeo bull. A quick hitting highly disguised 3 to 5 second strike with its 950,000 volts against an assailant will cause loss of balance, muscle control, mental confusion, and total disorientation to the hapless attacker.

This gives someone who has been the unfortunate victim of an unprovoked assault plenty of time to vacate the area unharmed, and get to a safe place. The charge cannot be turned back on the person defending themselves, and the effects of the stun gun are temporary, causing no permanent damage to the attacker.

Michael Gravette, the Safety Technology CEO, says, "The Runt," - can be used successfully by both men and women, but it’s size is a huge development for women. Women have always wanted to carry some sort of protection, but didn’t feel comfortable with the bigger, bulkier models. “The Runt” is just a shade larger than a compact, and is easy to use, even for a woman with small hands.

In the test groups we showed “The Runt” to, women raved about it’s size, and power. They felt that this was a product they would like to carry, because it was virtually indistinguishable from a pager, or cell phone.”

Gravette went on to say that micro-technology is changing many facets of his business, as these personal protection devices can be made smaller and smaller, and still produce a force as powerful as the older, and bigger models.

“Criminals,” says the Safety Technology CEO, “are going to be very surprised when they try to intimidate, or attack women, or men, that are carrying these easily concealed, diminutive devices. It gives a new meaning to the term accessorize.”

Safety Technology, located in Jacksonville, Florida, has been doing business for twenty years, and is the leading source of stuns guns in the United States. They have currently have over 800 products in inventory, ranging from child protection devices to sophisticated surveillance equipment, sold through 4000 distributors nationwide.


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