Are you treating the Symptom and not the Cause?

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One filtration trap that industrial manufacturers fall in to is treating the Symptoms and not the Cause. What does this have to do with the production line? Everything.

While much knowledge is available pertaining to the filter selection process, not much is voice about the importance of maintaining the integrity of your CIP fluids. This is an area that can be classified as uncharted territory, and the good news is that it may be easier (and less expensive) than you thought.

A little known secret is to catch the unwanted particles at the beginning of the process. Therefore, a lesser known tactic is to filter the raw material before it goes into your facility.

Yes, filter the product as it is coming out of the tanker truck on rail car before it enters the plant.

If this is done several things most likely will happen. First, you will be able to catch particles that have no business being in your product stream. How did they get there? Many times the source of this material is actually Your Source. The unwanted particles that are within your raw materials are the ones that are created during transport of the fluids.

Yes, transport on the way to your facility.

Therefore, if you are able to catch this unwanted material from the beginning, you can go back to your raw material Source and fix the Cause. This way you will not be on the Re-active end of the spectrum. You will be on the Pro-active side -- which is dealing with the Cause rather than the Symptom. And, you will be able to maintain the effectiveness of your beginning raw materials and the end-product.

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