Coastal Vacations Scam Operators Flee

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Highly respected California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino remains vigilant. Ethical members of the home based business community applaud his efforts to set the record straight and expose the scam artists. His first home based business venture was a success and he knows others can do the same by getting the facts and choosing the right business model.

Like a band of cockroaches exposed to light, the scam operators are on the run as Ombudsman Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino shines the light of truth their way.

The California based level 3 Director is one of the most respected leaders in the home based business industry. He has been heard scolding members for using the word "free" rather than "complimentary" to describe vacations, but he accepts minor infractions as errors and not lies.

His intense disdain for individuals looking to lie and cheat people out of their money has unleashed his wrath on the larcenous individuals. They have run for cover, but Marino warns that they are still there under rocks, like snakes.

Marino's credentials in the Coastal Vacations community are impeccable. After 22 successful years in the auto finance industry, he is now devoted to the Coastal Vacations business full time.

His desire to help, and tell it like it is attitude has led him to host prospect conference calls for the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the top rated home based business. Marino also conducts live training calls to teach members to market effectively.

Marino often helps other groups with their conference calls and frequently assists the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors with their calls.

He co-hosted the first ever podcast to originate from the floor of Coastal's worldwide membership conference in Florida. His podcast helped relay the updates to members in over 80 countries.

In addition to explaining the business and answering questions on conference calls, Marino has exposed the scam artists in the media.

His bold news release "Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino Exposes The Top Scams" was published in Google News, Yahoo News as well as eMediaWire and distributed to large media outlets like CNN. It was the original story that started to get scammers on the run. Ethical leaders with the home based business agree it is mandatory reading.

Marino does not mind that his original news release has been changed, edited, and re-released to suit those looking to cheat people. As Marino said "Those who do the proper research will be led from the plagiarizers articles back to the one I released a few days earlier. Potential business owners who do their homework will get the facts."

Marino also published a more detailed article on the subject. "How To Avoid The 5 Most Common Coastal Vacations Home Based Business Scams" was published by Marino to help potential business owners avoid being cheated. Anyone considering a home based business should read it and use it to steer clear of the crooks.

Marino explained that scam operators and liars steal more than just money; "They steal their dreams, desires, and futures. Many who are cheated just go back to the rut they were trying to climb out of. They did not get the income, time and freedom they sought. Instead, they are back where they started with less money and less hope that they will ever live their dream."

The California based Director is on a quest to set the record straight. Making sure that potential home based business owners have access to all the facts is the key to them choosing the right business and business model for their success.

Marino replaced his six-figure annual income with his first home based business venture and knows others can do the same.

When Marino was asked why he works so hard to help others, he explained; "I’ve found in my life that when you go out of your way to help others, good things happen to you. I’ve had the best business success when my motivation was to help people and not just generate income."

The hybrid Coastal Vacations business model utilized by the Level 3 Director provides what many consider the maximum support possible and Marino likes it that way; "My members get live, interactive instruction and have access to a robust training website. They can learn how to effectively market and advertise the business with over 170 different methods and they have a full time staff they can rely on."

Marino goes the extra mile helping his members; "I stack the deck so much in their favor that it just isn’t fair for those who will try to compete with them."

Marino shares a myriad of proprietary marketing tools with his group. While other sponsors in the Coastal Vacations program boast about 17 hour work weeks and long 3 day weekends, Marino makes himself available for training and coaching with his members 7 days a week.

Anyone looking to start a successful home based business will benefit from learning the advantages of maximum support, expert training, and a full time staff. Learn the benefits offered by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center and the mentoring available with Dean Marino 7 days a week at

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