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Outsourcing the “to do” list is not necessarily a luxury anymore; it’s often a necessity and a very smart move. Personal Assistants, Errand and Concierge Services are providing near unlimited assistance to individuals and professionals and are being used as leverage against the competition by companies, property managers, and real estate agents.

Outsourcing the “to do” list is not necessarily a luxury anymore; it’s often a necessity and a very smart move. Personal Assistants, Errand and Concierge Services are providing near unlimited assistance to individuals and professionals and are being used as leverage against the competition by companies, property managers, and real estate agents.

Every person can make a list of things they hate to do – grocery shopping, waiting on a service technician, organizing a closet, and the list goes on. Why spend precious time doing dreaded tasks on the way home from work, on the lunch hour, or weekends ? Increasingly, the trend is to have someone else take care of the errands. Outsourcing necessary tasks makes for a smoother workweek and the time harvested can be applied to a more leisurely lifestyle.

The Possibilities on the Home Front are Endless.

Jill Burstein, owner of Jill will…Concierge Service LLC ( serves metropolitan Detroit, Michigan and has done a variety of odd tasks including delivering a forgotten forgotten handbag , picking up a vital prescription, and even tracking down a lost dog. Keelie, a mixed breed was already a pet sitting client , so getting her to jump into Burstein's Scion xB with the help of some cheese wasn't too difficult. They celebrated the capture with a trip to a drive-thru.

Burstein states “Anything you might ask of your mother, sister, neighbor or best friend can be carried out by an errand runner or concierge. There is no guilt and it’s all done with enthusiasm and professionalism.” No matter how menial or mundane, with one phone call or email a personal assistant, errand and concierge service will take care of myriad of tasks.

For working individuals, scheduling services at home can be inconvenient, burdensome, disruptive and nearly impossible, especially in emergency situations. Customers are at the mercy of the “four hour window” for arrival and then there is time of performing the work. A popular service for errand and concierge services is Home Waiting - for the repairmen, utilities, cable hook-up, delivery, a new service connection or installation. It is a welcome solution when that “window” just doesn’t work. This valuable service also eliminates taking a day off work, going in late or leaving in the middle of the day. It also allows work to be performed during the work week and eliminates tying up one’s weekend.

“Home Waiting services are a ‘meet-n-greet’ type service designed for client convenience,” says Jackie Murphy, President and CEO of EK Errands Express ( in Indianapolis, IN. “No worry, stress, or schedule disruption and clients are able to use their personal/vacation time for just that and, the weekends remain free for family, fun and enjoyment.” Murphy said this service is tremendously popular and has performed Home Waiting for many clients. The service entails waiting for and greeting the entity at the home, remaining on-site while the service is performed and locking up when finished. Murphy adds “Indianapolis residents are becoming more and more aware of the wide range of valuable services EK Errands Express offers. Instead of saying they could have used a particular service yesterday; now they say they know who to call!”

Marianne McNulty, president of Clever Concierge ( ) Sugar Grove, IL, loves the challenge of organizing everything, from a client’s desk top, their home closets, to their next big event. A meeting planner in a previous life, she now does it all. And the clients’ benefit from a tax write-off when McNulty not only boxes up those unused possessions, but takes the castaways to a donation center. “They have a new lease on life and an legit IRS deduction. After I drop the items off, I simply mail my client their receipt.” she says. McNulty adds, “When clutter is gone and everything is organized, life seems more in balance as well. And organizing one area often prompts the same attention to another.” Organizing a client’s specific area involves sorting, purging, analyzing what’s left, containerizing it and putting it in its new home. When asked by a recent client NOT to have any signage on her car as it sat in front of the client’s home, McNulty countered “It’s not a judgment, it’s a service. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to ask for the help that is available to you.” Chances are the neighbors wish they had thought of it first!

Real estate professionals are using concierge services to do everything from setting out fresh flowers and pastries for an open house to re-filling information boxes in front of homes for sale. Moving into a new residence is a stressful task and now Realtors are offering concierge services to their clients. "Realtors give 'welcome' packages of time " says Barbara Betti, President of At Your Service Atlanta, LLC, ( ) serving Atlanta, GA, referring to a tremendously handy “thank-you gift” given to lucky new homeowners. The package of time can be used for the Home Waiting service or sending the concierge out to procure paint samples or curtain rods at the local home store. Sometimes the pantry needs to be filled with the basics that first week while they get acclimated to the neighborhood. "Packages of time are relatively inexpensive and a great way to help a family in the middle of a hectic move-in, particularly if new to a community .” she adds.

"Wherever the request, it’s filled" says Betti. Realtors are in a very competitive market and providing a concierge elevates them to another level. Home buyers and sellers, in turn, are delighted with their services and relate it directly to their Realtor experience.

Realities in the Work Place.

Not only are people on the individual level seeking personal assistant, errand and concierge services, Fortune 500 companies are increasingly using services for employees. Property managers of office buildings are adding them as a measure to lure in new tenants, retain current tenants, and elevate the status of the property. On or off-site, errand and concierge services are able to orchestrate car detailing, dry-cleaning services, lunch delivery, ticket procurement and are making the cold, impersonal lobbies a lot more inviting by arranging , among other events, a music ensemble and a gift-wrapping table for the holidays. The positive experiences built into the workplace are carrying over to the personal life and impacting the properties' bottom line.

The reality of the lyrics “everybody needs somebody sometime” is becoming increasingly true. Not everyone has someone to turn to readily and the time has come to meet the local concierge and fortify our hectic world.

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