World Cup Soccer Event A Reminder to Athletes and Former Athletes: Take Care of Your Feet

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The most widely played sport in the world, soccer is very foot-intensive, highlighting the importance of foot care over a lifetime - especially for athletes.

World Cup is currently underway in Germany, where the world's biggest sporting event will draw fans across the globe. While Brazil's team fights to retain its title, English fans look for a chance at claiming the victory that's eluded them for over forty years, in spite of the fact that the game was invented in England.

The most widely played sport in the world, soccer is very foot-intensive, highlighting the importance of foot care over a lifetime - especially for athletes.

C. J. Buck, MIA of Xenna® Corporation ( ), a distributor of natural foot, skin and hair products, says, "Soccer requires repetitive drills and miles of running, with quick stops and starts, which are very hard on toenails and heels. Soccer players find that their feet can start to show signs of nail discoloration and skin with thick, hardened areas, which tends to get worse later in life."

A number of top professional football and basketball teams have used Xenna products to keep their feet and hands in top condition.

Xenna distributes NonyX® Nail Gel and CalleX® Ointment, which were developed and patented using formulations that focus on exfoliation. The result is innovative, natural foot care products that address the cosmetic appearance of unattractive feet and nails.

For feet that are dry and flaking, especially the heel area, Xenna has developed diabetic-friendly CalleX® Ointment with natural exfoliating enzymes in a moisturizing base.

CalleX has been shown in consumer studies to significantly reduce dry, flaking skin and cracking on soles and heels within 15 to 30 days. Acid-free and lanolin-free, CalleX smoothes dry, rough or flaky skin, and exfoliates and thins thick, hardenened areas, while leaving normal skin unaffected. It has a pleasant peppermint scent.

Another problem that athletes commonly contend with, especially later in life, is yellow, discolored and unsightly toenails. Xenna's patented, diabetic-friendly NonyX Nail Gel, takes a unique, natural approach to the problem.

NonyX is a topical, easy-to-use gel that breaks down and removes keratin debris - the discolored, yellow or thick granular buildup under nails that causes them to become discolored and unattractive.

NonyX Gel softens keratin debris using natural ethanoic acid, which permits it to be gradually scraped out with a manicure tool, beginning after about four weeks. Once the white or yellow keratin debris is removed, nails look clear and regular use of the gel keeps them keratin debris free and attractive.

Buck says, "Last year, Xenna's NonyX Nail Gel was nominated by a professional football player for inclusion in FX Sport's National Football League Alumni Guide and Yearbook. Only products personally endorsed by a player are permitted to appear in that publication."

All Xenna products are unconditionally money-back guaranteed. To view before and after photos of NonyX Gel and CalleX Ointment, click on The company can be reached at 800-368-6003.

NonyX Nail Gel can be purchased in the footcare section of Walgreens, Rite Aid, Longs, CVS Pharmacy, Eckerd Pharmacy , Wal-Mart, Brooks Pharmacy, Duane Reade and many Medicine Shoppe pharmacies. NonyX Gel is also available at HEB grocery stores, and online at, and

CalleX Ointment is now available in the footcare section at Walgreens, Longs and many Medicine Shoppe pharmacies. CalleX can also be purchased online at, and

Xenna Corporation is a privately-held, woman-owned company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. For questions or further information, contact Xenna at 800-368-6003.


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