Self-Defense Training Is Key to Personal Security and Family Safety, Says Owner of Local Martial Arts School

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Self Defense is largely ignored till one is a victim of a crime. Preventative measure help alleviate this situation.

Orange County Jiu Jitsu, School of Self Defense stated that personal security is an important family issue that affects everyone in various settings: international, national, community, home, school and work. Self-defense training is one of the few positive actions available to today’s families to improve personal security.

“Recent studies seem to support the value of self-defense training,” said Orange County Jiu Jitsu. “In a 2003 survey for the Girl Scouts of the USA, 31% of girls 8-12 years old reported being afraid of being kidnapped. There are more than 100,000 non-family-member abductions, attempted a year, according to the American Prosecutors Research Institute. Eighty-percent of the victims had initial contact with the attacker within a quarter-mile of the victim’s home.”

Liu added that other common locales for violent crimes were on streets other than those near the victim's home (15%), at school (14%), or at a commercial establishment (8%). Of the violent crimes that occurred away from home, about half occurred within a mile from home and 75% within five miles.

“These studies and data prove that defending oneself is not a matter of being prepared for possible confrontations in an unfamiliar part of town or in another city or state, but right in your neighborhood, even on the street where you live,” emphasized Orange County Jiu Jitsu. “As the U.S. Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics reported, ‘Of the victims of violent crime, 22% were involved in some form of leisure activity away from home at the time of their victimization; 23% said they were at home; and another 20% mentioned they were at work or traveling to or from work when the crime occurred.’”

According to, individuals and families who learn self-defense techniques are simply better prepared. Improved physical and mental fitness, combined with proper technique, help children and women, especially, to remain calm and in control of potentially harmful situations. Self-defense students also learn to be more aware of their surroundings. Children learn how to avoid bullies and abductions. Women learn how to turn their fear into power, so they are seldom victims. Men gain greater confidence and are better able to protect themselves and their families, in virtually any threatening situation.

As a member of the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA), Orange County Jiu Jitsu promotes and strives for the highest standards of age-appropriate curriculum, leadership training, child safety and security, business integrity and professional ethics.

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