snap2eyes Unveils Tristitial; Increases Publisher CPM Revenue By Up To 50%; Lowers Advertiser CPM Costs By Up To 70%

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snap2eyes unveils the Tristitial™: the Internet’s first multi-advertiser rich media ad format. Inspired by the rotating billboards of outdoor advertising, the new ad format triples the number of banner ads displayed in a single ad space, thereby increasing web publisher and ad network advertising revenues by up to 50% while dramatically lowering CPM costs by up to 70% for the three Internet marketers appearing in the same Tristitial. When used by only one advertiser, the Tristitial enables the advertiser to display three banners that accomplish several campaign objectives in a single ad: brand messaging, company or product information, and special promotions.

Online advertising company snap2eyes LLC ( unveils the Tristitial™ (pronounced "try-sti-shul"): the Internet’s first multi-banner, multi-advertiser rich media ad format. The new ad format substantially increases web publisher and ad network advertising revenues while dramatically lowering CPM costs for Internet marketers using the Tristitial as a multi-advertiser ad format (or "MAA"). Inspired by the rotating billboards of outdoor advertising, the Tristitial smoothly alternates among three banner images and thus enables the same ad space to be shared by three different online campaigns (see:

A Tristitial initially appears as a banner ad comprised of tiles evenly "cut" by fine black lines and displays such banner ad for a few seconds before softly and gradually flipping the tiles from left to right into the second banner ad, and then the third, before repeating the cycle. The overall visual effect of the Tristitial provokes the curiosity of the Internet user with unique and eye-catching animation. As with a regular banner ad, a user who clicks on any of the three revolving banners is taken to the corresponding ad campaign page.

With the help of Tristitials, publishers and ad networks can now sell their existing ad space inventory to three times as many advertisers at a discount of up to 70% on the "cost per thousand" ad impressions (CPM) paid by each advertiser.

The powerful pricing benefits offered by the Tristitial are illustrated by a simple example in which a publisher or ad network normally charges one advertiser a CPM of $30 to display a banner ad in an online ad space and, instead, charges three advertisers a discounted CPM of $15 each to appear in a Tristitial deployed to the same, shared ad space. In such a case, the ad space that would have earned the publisher or ad network just $30 in revenue (from 1,000 impressions sold to one advertiser paying the non-discounted CPM) now generates total revenue of $45 in shared CPM (from the three advertisers paying the discounted CPM to appear in the same Tristitial).

Publishers and ad networks can choose to offer a different CPM discount for each of the three banner positions in the same Tristitial. For example, the banner appearing first in the Tristitial can be priced at 60% of the normal CPM for a banner ad space, the second, at 45%, and the third at 30%, in which case the publisher or ad network earns 35% more in total revenues from the ad space than if just one advertiser pays 100% of the normal CPM for such ad space.

Publishers and ad networks can choose to increase either their profit margins (by offering smaller shared CPM discounts), or their sales volume (by offering greater shared CPM discounts). In any case, the dramatic price flexibility made possible by the Tristitial helps publishers and ad networks to ensure that none of their ad space inventory remains unsold.

Tristitials also make the "cost per click" (CPC) pricing model more attractive to publishers and ad networks. Because Tristitials display three different banners in the same ad space that would ordinarily display only one banner, the odds that an Internet user will click on such ad space are effectively tripled, making the CPC model three times as likely to produce ad revenue for publishers and ad networks using Tristitials. Moreover, because Tristitials contain ad content from three different campaigns, they produce an inherently distinctive overall look and are thus likely to make Internet users curious to see all of the banners in the Tristitial, thereby increasing the odds of a click. Finally, the Tristitial itself is animated, and hence transforms each of the three constituent static banners into eye-catching rich media ads that are more likely to capture the user’s attention and lead to a click.

Because an estimated 3% of Internet-connected computers either lack Macromedia® Flash® Player or have an outdated version, publishers and ad networks must designate a static image that will be served to such computers. Publishers or ad networks selling banners in a Tristitial may charge an additional 5% of the normal CPM to the advertiser wishing to purchase such benefit. Or the alternate image may be allotted to any of the three advertisers on a first come, first served basis, or by any other method. Ultimately, the publisher or ad network is free to decide how to allocate the alternate image.

Tristitials are easy to create with the snap2eyes Rich Media Ad Factory™ (or RMAF™) Platform, a proprietary technology that builds affordable and customizable rich media ads out of animated templates. Once the Tristitial has been tailored and finalized, the user receives it in the Macromedia® Flash® File Format (SWF), along with a deployment guide.

The intrinsic file size of a Tristitial is 20KB, and each banner can be up to 12KB large for the leaderboard ad unit (468x60 IMU), for a total maximum file size of 56KB. For other ad units each banner can be up to 20KB, for a total maximum file size of up to 80KB.

When used by only one advertiser, the Tristitial enables the advertiser to display three different banners from the same campaign in an eye-catching, rich media format. A triple banner ad empowers a single advertiser to accomplish three objectives in one online ad: brand messaging, company or product information, and special promotions. An advertiser can also utilize Tristitials whenever the online campaign involves several product or brand images, humor in stages, or surprises that require a pause between multiple messages.

Companies interested in creating Tristitials should use the "Contact Us" form on the snap2eyes website to inquire about the process.

About snap2eyes LLC:

Founded in June 2005, snap2eyes LLC is headquartered in New York City and develops proprietary, rich media technologies that lower costs for online advertisers and increase revenues for web publishers and ad networks. The company offers affordable internet marketing solutions that optimize the process and results of online advertising.

The technologies and business methods underlying the RMAF Platform and the Tristitial are patent pending. snap2eyes, Rich Media Ad Factory, RMAF, and Tristitial are trademarks of snap2eyes LLC. All other companies or products listed herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


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