Bible Scholars now predict a 98% probability of a nuclear terrorist bomb at the United Nations, on the Sabbath from Friday evening June 30th to Saturday evening July 1st

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But how can they convince New Yorkers that this threat is real? This is an unprecedented threat that comes from biblical interpretational Intel. Should it be taken seriously?

Well, if it came from regular, non biblical lntel sources then the situation would be very straightforward. The procedure would be that the Intelligence Services would hold a press conference and announce a credible nuclear threat to Midtown at least 10 days in advance of the date, in order to give people enough time to plan an orderly retreat from Manhattan. This would hopefully not create too much of a panic because many city dwellers are last minute types, so the exodus would be spread over the next 10 days. They wouldn’t even have to give the details of the intel behind the threat. They could just represent that they had sufficient evidence to evacuate Midtown and that they could not say any more for reasons of national security.

So really New Yorkers would leave Midtown due to the credibility of the US Intelligence Services.

But what credibility do the US Intelligence Services actually have? Did they not fund, arm, support and empower Bin Laden against the Russians in Afghanistan? Did they not fund arm promote and empower Saddam Hussein against the fundamentalists in Iraq and Iran? And who was it that opened the door to the Iranian fundamentalist revolution in 1979 by flying Ayatollah Khomeini from Paris to Iran to replace the Shah of Iran when he put the oil price up?

In all seriousness is there any major security threat to the US anywhere on the globe which hasn’t been ‘fuelled’ by the Frankenstein syndrome policies of our intelligence services. How good was their WMD intel in Iraq? What kind of a post war strategy sends 200,000 armed Baath party members home with their guns and tells them: You will have no part in the new Iraq?

So let us not have our thinking clouded by the James Bond status of intelligence operatives. The reality is that their track record is no better than that of the Bible Scholars of the Lords’ Witnesses, who are now on their 2nd publicised date for this UN bomb. But who have also correctly predicted from the Bible the date of the Beslan atrocity in Russia, 2 years ago, the date of the G8 summit in Gleneagles last year and the date of the announcement of the UN Peace Building Commission at the start of the 60th session of the UN General Assembly. All 3 of these correct dates were advertised in advance in the Independent Newspaper in the UK and in the USA Today newspaper in the US (New York state coverage only).

So to the New Yorker with faith in God, their track record and their credibility must be at least comparable to that of the intelligence services. They may be kooks but they are no worse than the spooks!

Don’t forget that the US administration are all going to government nuclear fallout shelters on June 19th ! see:

From a religious standpoint, this press release is announcing what the old testament prophets Isaiah, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Zephaniah, Malachi and what the apostle Saint Peter call: ‘The day of Jehovah’. That ‘day’ is a time period lasting 22 biblical lunar months. It starts on 2006Tammuz3 (June 30/July 1) with the first birth pang of the Kingdom of God, and ends when Jesus comes to earth again on 2008Iyyar29 (May 5/6), to gather all those with faith in God together for the post tribulation rapture on 2008Tammuz1 (June 6/7). During this ‘day’, the various physical disasters of biblical proportions, many of which are nuclear, are described by the bible as the birth pangs of a woman, which woman is the holy spirit, God’s wife, 144,000 of his loyal angels. She gives birth at the rapture. The birth pangs are an expansion of her womb, which is the last true Christian church. The way to deal with these coming disasters is to focus on the baby to come and not on the pain of the birth pang.

So if you live in New York, and you have more faith in God than you do in intelligence services, then you know what to do at the end of this month. Their first mistaken date was the first witness, this new date is the second witness. For God gives everyone a second chance. For more on this see


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