CompAmerica Announces more Dual Core Laptops and More Accessories for DigiMemo

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In a spate of new product announcements, CompAmerica identifies its newest Intel and AMD Dual Core laptops, releases “go anywhere” Solar Powered Charger unit for DigiMemo and Cellphones, low cost “Accuracy” paper pads for DigiMemo, and new Handwriting Recognition Software for Forms processing and Note taking for DigiMemo applications.

Moving rapidly to capitalize on the enormous demand for its mobile product, CompAmerica announced a host of new Intel Centrino Duo and AMD Turion dual core laptops as well as new accessories for the highly mobil DigiMemo.

Reference sites: CompAmerica Laptops and CompAmerica's DigiMemo

Laptop Announcements

a)    the new COBRA 9700S and P Dual Core Intel laptops have pricing starting below $1000, yet support a choice of Centrino Core Duo designs, and a new Go 7600 Pci Express video adapter.

b)    the new EAGLE 5424, sister to the 5422, starting below $800, will offer core duo technology in an extremely slim package.

c)    the rumored TigerShark 5990 19” LCD Laptop with Dual Core AMD Turion X2 and Dual SLI Video 7900GTX Adapters in SLIe configuration, is being brought closer to reality, only its final configuration and hardware compliment is still only in the rumor stages. The most powerful gaming laptop in the world gets an even faster CPU?

d)    The rumored INTEL Core 2 Dual Core based ORCA 9098/84, rumored to house the new Intel Core 2 or Pentium D Dual Core CPUs, coupled to a 7900GTX nVidia Graphics engine, up to 8GB of DDR2, and dual SATA-150 100G 7200 RPM Hard Drives, is also coming closer to reality. Nothing definite yet, but the rumors have it that it will be released in late July.

DigiMemo Announcements

e)    The Amazing Digi-Memo, the $88.99 Digital Pen tablet product that records everything you write on its paper surface, which production specialists indicate will deliver at a rate of two to four million units per year this year, has had new accessories added to the line:

  •     A new, remarkably efficient Solar Powered Battery Charger, keeps Digi-Memo up and running, everywhere from Alaska to Timbuktu, and has universal cables to power your Cellphone, too, so you can stay in touch.
  •     New 6x9 “tightly top bound” Paper Pads for use with DigiMemo are specially designed to insure accurate recording in high demand applications, better than spiral bound notebooks, can be ordered on line in any quantity for a penny a sheet.
  •     Newly enhanced Note Taking and Forms Handwriting Entry software have been added to make it even simpler to mate DigiMemo with applications ranging from Prescription Writing, to Patient Consent, to Job Cost Estimating, to Office Management, to writing a book, all using ordinary handwriting, with the finished product ending up neatly typed in your PC and ready to print out.
  •     New, low cost, mini USB 2.0 Hub to enable you to connect your DigiMemo to your PC without disrupting your other USB connections, for under $18.
  •     An upgrade edition of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional can be ordered for a special price for a limited time only with DigiMemos. DigiMemos are 100% compatible with all Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 operating systems and Microsoft Office 2000 and 2003.

CompAmerica is a world leader in innovative mobile and industrial computing products, PCs and in building high reliability super-servers and supercomputers. CompAmerica designed supercomputing products also serve the United States Government and the United States Military in high performance, extreme control systems. An innovator in Computer Security, CompAmerica also maintains a mobile forensics security laboratory available for hire where extreme computer security measures are required.

CompAmerica can be found on the internet here: CompAmerica's Website. The company maintains its headquarters in central New Jersey. Its main phone number is 888-275-2771 (908-931-1200 locally).


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