Unique Golf Training Aid Shows Promise In Testing Results

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New Dietary Supplement Shown To Enhance Muscle Memory

The golf swing has been talked about as one of the most difficult movements to achieve correctly. Golf itself is a difficult game and many players are always looking for an advantage. As the years have advanced, the introduction of more and more golf training aids has flooded the market as well. These golf training aids range from supportive devices or technologically advanced golf clubs that collapse.

While there are hundreds of various golf training aids to help improve many aspects of the golf swing, the average handicap has actually stayed the same.

With all this technology it’s amazing that someone has not developed a device that could actually help people play golf better. But maybe the answer isn’t in a new golf swing device or techno gadget; maybe the answer lies within ourselves.

If you ask any pro golfer they will tell you that golf is a game of the mental and the physical. Great golfers have the ability to bring these two critical important components together.

One such company has taken this premise to an entirely new level with its training aid. No, it’s not a golf club or a restrictive device, it’s an all-natural dietary supplement. Preliminary testing has shown the product actually works!

The patent pending product Mind Drive, which has been tested by professional athletes and doctors for over a year, has shown promise in doing exactly what the company claims.

This scientific breakthrough developed by Mind Sports Nutrition (http://www.mind-sports.com) is a natural dietary supplement that elevates and protects the body’s chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, which are used in concentration, calm focus and most importantly, muscle memory.

Muscle memory is a common term for neuromuscular facilitation, which is the process of the neuromuscular system memorizing motor skills. In golf, muscle memory is extremely critical and important to the consistency of making the same golf swing. This consistency in the golf swing is where most players fail.

Scientists have known for years that certain natural substances can elevate communication and improve these brain related physical processes, but no one has actually developed and tested something as unique as Mind Drive.

Dr. Taras Kochno MD of Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, Bradenton, Florida has tested Mind Drive and conducted a study using the Taylor Made MATT system, which reports consistency and accuracy of the golf swing.

The testing showed that Mind Drive improved 80% of the golfers’ performance. Golfers taking four capsules of Mind Drive everyday for just 10 days dramatically increased the consistency of their swing and club face angle as well as club head speed. The testing shows that Mind Drive could improve golfers' long and short game.

“I knew that it could be possible to improve brain-muscle memory with specific nutrients, but I was still skeptical of the product claims. After we concluded the testing of the product I could not believe the noticeable improvement in the participants' golf swing. My conclusion is that many people have the blueprint to the movement they are trying to achieve, but for many reasons this picture becomes blurred. Mind Drive significantly calms and sharpens the mind to allow for a clearer blueprint of the movement, which can improve consistency of the golf swing and other repetitive movements such as throwing or kicking a ball. I think this product is a breakthrough in the advancement of sports nutrition, and we’ll be conducting more studies over the next year because we are experiencing other benefits that need to be measured.”

So what is Mind Drive? Mind Sports Nutrition product formulator Pete Maletto explained, “The ingredients in Mind Drive are all natural amino acids and nutrients that have been studied for decades. They have been proven to enhance muscle memory, concentration, calm focus, and clarity because they are the raw materials your body uses to produce these chemical messengers between the brain and the muscle and produce no side effects. Taking Mind Drive is like putting high-octane gas in your car, but for us it provides the nutrition our brain and nervous system need to communicate and perform at their best. This translates into a more precise physical movement from the visual cue to the muscle contraction.”

The product is to be introduced in mid-June 2006 and the company says they are expecting more outstanding feedback on Mind Drive’s benefits from athletes around the world.


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