Thirtysomething Professionals in London get to Build Genuine Inner Confidence

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A new London based workshop designed specifically for professionals in their 30's aims to tackle the growing problem of low self-confidence by offering unique and proven confidence building strategies. Increasing numbers of thirtysomething professionals are hitting confidence related problems arising from feeling ‘stuck’ and not knowing how to make the right choices, their evolving priorities and circumstances and a certain ‘calming down’ after the whirlwind of being in their twenties. September’s workshop is a down to earth and practical response to the problem from Steve Errey, a leading confidence coach in the UK.

A new workshop designed specifically to build confidence and self-esteem for thirtysomething professionals is being held in London this September. The unique two day workshop will offer professional thirtysomethings a coherent, practical and proven approach to building their self-esteem and inner confidence for the long term, providing a solution for the problem of low self-confidence that an increasing number of thirtysomethings are encountering.

Confidence and self-esteem impact every part of peoples’ lives, from careers to relationships to health to finances, and a 2005 survey found that people aged 28-42 rate themselves as just 62% confident on average, with the huge majority wanting to be in the 90%-100% confident bracket. Over three-quarters admitted to having low self-esteem and would love to build their confidence, and over four out of ten would love to change their career but don't believe they can. Confidence coach Steve Errey says “Confidence is both the biggest problem area for people and the biggest area of opportunity, and there’s a concrete need out there for something that speaks directly to people in their 30’s and genuinely builds lasting inner confidence.”

Errey has seen his private clients gain in confidence and self-esteem, and has developed this new workshop to tackle the problem head-on. “I know from my own background how debilitating and limiting a lack of confidence can be, and not only is this workshop based on what I’ve seen work in the real world with real people, but two full days allows people to go into enough depth to make a lasting difference rather than simply riding the feel-good wave for a few days after the workshop.” Feedback from his clients who’ve experienced Errey’s approach suggest that their confidence has been increased greatly and that they’re able to maintain these levels rather than see them drop back down to old levels.

"I am definitely more confident now than when I started,” says Agnes Costa-Correa, a broadcasting professional in London and one of Errey’s clients. “I don't let things worry, bother and affect me as much as I did, and I'm seeing all kinds of opportunities in my career and other areas of my life where I previously would not have.” The workshop is the first of its kind in the UK and offers people a safe environment to learn about their confidence - what it is, how it works, what stops it and how to keep it high.

“Countless studies have shown that when people feel confident they are more likely to be creative, innovative and enterprising,” says confidence expert Carol Craig from the Centre of Confidence and Well-Being in Scotland. “They have better personal relationships, are open to new learning and have good physical and mental health. In the future, the confidence of a people may become as much a determinant of economic success as natural resources, like oil, have been in the past.“

September’s workshop is a down to earth and practical response to the specific causes of the problem and takes place over two consecutive Saturdays (23rd and 30th). Steve’s top three tips for building inner confidence are:

1. Give Your Confidence a Workout. You confidence works just like a muscle, but the problem is that unlike your biceps or glutes (which tend to stay in the same place) your confidence muscle can be harder to find. The more you use it the bigger it gets, the less you use it the smaller it gets. To work your confidence muscle you need to be willing to stretch yourself in an unfamiliar direction, to try something new or try something in a different way. The more open you are to risk, opportunity and possibility the more confident you need to be, and so the more confidence you’ll develop.

2. Get to Know the Real You. Ten thousand feet down inside you, right at your very core are the building blocks, the foundations and cornerstones for you. Your values, strengths and talents are all yours, and no matter what happens nobody can ever take them away. Get to know them and have absolute confidence in them, because you can always use them to get great results.

3. Trust Number One. People spend too much time looking for external signs that they’re doing the right thing or on the right path. Instead of looking on the outside for those signs how about being able to trust yourself to get through anything and to continue making choices that serve you well – even if sometimes you screw up? Trust yourself to make decisions, trust yourself to adapt and trust that you’re good enough to have, do or be whatever you want. Now that’s true confidence.


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Notes to editors:

  • Read more about the ‘Confidence Building for Thirtysomething Professionals’ workshop at
  • Statistics were gathered from a survey updated in 2005, which polled over four hundred thirtysomethings (77% women and 23% men) in the UK and USA on careers, relationships, wellbeing, health, social lives and support structures.
  • Further details of the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing are available at
  • 57.1% of men admitted that they wanted to be more confident, while 77.2% of women admitted the same.
  • Further information about Steve Errey can be found at


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