100 Stay-At-Home Moms & Dads to Create Profitable Online Businesses

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More parents are now choosing to stay at home to raise their children. Many of these stay-at-home moms and dads still wish to contribute to their household income, yet they struggle to identify a home-based business solution that actually works.

“It’s time to start giving back,” says Richard Gorham, founder of the highly successful online business http://www.Leadership-Tools.com. In a recent announcement, Gorham said he intends to share his home-based business secrets with 100 stay-at-home moms and dads who possess a strong desire to build a profitable online business.

Gorham spent five years building his online business from home. In the beginning, he didn’t have the luxury of quitting his day job. That simply wasn’t an option since he was the primary "bread-winner for his family. His wife and children, however, were his main supporters as he worked nights and weekends to develop the website that was born out of his passion for self improvement and personal development.

In a recent conversation with the outgoing leadership expert, Gorham was firm in his belief that anyone who has a passion to succeed and is willing to invest some time to overcome their initial learning curve, can create a highly profitable online business.

“You no longer have to be a so-called ‘techy’ or ‘geek’ to do this,” says Gorham. “Most people don’t realize that today there are tens of thousands of ordinary people all over the world, who are enjoying extraordinary results doing business online.” Gorham, wearing a proud smile, goes on to exclaim, “I happen to be one of them!”

Now that his own website is well established and providing regular monthly income, Gorham has decided to take some time out to share with others what he’s learned over these past few years. He has decided to donate his time and provide this gift of knowledge to 100 stay-at-home moms and dads who are committed to building a successful online business.

Today more than ever before parents struggle with the choice between having both parents working outside the home, or making a significant financial sacrifice so that one parent can remain home as the main caregiver. “That’s an impossible choice for millions of American families these days,” says Gorham. “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

Applicants, who are chosen by Gorham, will participate in a single conference call that will provide all of the details on how Gorham and others are succeeding online. He firmly states that he will provide “rock-solid proof” that anyone can succeed online. Upon closer inspection, it does appear that Gorham can back up these claims. Specific case-studies and literally hundreds of real life examples of sites built by regular people form all walks of life are currently online and earning substantial revenue.

Upon reading the personal backgrounds of these home-based entrepreneurs, you can clearly see that these are regular people who are working part-time from their home, while also effectively managing their household and raising their children.

When pressed for specifics on cost, Gorham was surprisingly outspoken, saying “I am not charging anything for this informational conference call. I’m simply going to share what I’ve done that has allowed me to succeed. In addition, I will have another expert on hand to share his story and help answer questions. If someone hears my story and it inspired them to take action, I believe that person can also succeed.”

What about after the conference call; how much will it cost then? Again, Gorham quickly and openly responded, “The system I use costs less than $300 per year, yet it yields thousands of dollars every single month.”

Gorham went on to caution the bargain hunters, “This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Although it doesn’t cost much to establish a successful online business, it does take time and it will require your focused effort and enthusiasm. Don’t let anyone tell you that running a business won’t require any work. That is a lie told too often online. There are countless scams and schemes that people need to be wary of. What I do is not a scheme; it’s a proven system that has enabled me to work towards financial independence.”

Stay-at-home moms and dads interested in learning more can ask questions and/or submit their applications for consideration at a special web link Gorham has established at http://www.leadership-tools.com/stay-at-home-moms-and-dads.html .


The application consists of only a few short questions and Gorham has stated that he hopes to speak directly to every single person who applies for the opportunity. “I love to hear people’s stories. I truly hope that any stay-at-home mom or dad reading this, who is looking to pursue a passion and improve their household income, will apply. They should at least get the facts so they can make an educated decision about whether or not this might be just the thing that will change their life for the better - just like it has for me and my family.”

To apply now, go to http://www.leadership-tools.com/stay-at-home-moms-and-dads.html .

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