Innovation Fund Decides to Offer Its Issued and Pending Patents Exclusively to Microsoft Corporation

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Innovation Fund LLC (, which already has patents issued in the field of Location Based Advertising, has been developing proposals to go to the leaders in the field, which include Microsoft, Google, and Time Warner, as well as the telecom companies.

Innovation Fund LLC (, which already has patents issued in the field of Location Based Advertising, has been developing proposals to go to the leaders in the field, which include Microsoft, Google, and Time Warner, as well as the telecom companies. The Innovation Fund basic patent has been granted and there are continuations-in-part that are current. In making the determination to present a proposal for exclusivity to Microsoft first, Innovation Fund was obviously aware of Google’s openly stated objectives to WiFi cities in exchange for location based advertising.

“However,” says Donald Spector, “while being a first mover Google’s patents are relatively new, and the Innovation Fund patents quite some time ago envisioned the fact that people not only can be located by geopositioning but contacted, changing the face of retailing.” Spector believes that this might be the largest area of advertising; and that the positioning of being able to call up people and contact them with special offers is going to eclipse the idea that people are going to look up innumerable websites. It is going to require a company that knows how to provide value to the consumer so that this does not become Spam. “If you call someone and offer them a $10,000 promotional bonus from GM while they are standing in a Honda showroom, they probably will not get mad. We are not going to be bugging people with 25 cent offers. Shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and the travel industry will be able to give consumers great bargains on items that otherwise would lose value. Tickets to a game that is not sold out can be directed to a passing car making the customer an ‘offer he can’t refuse,’” says Spector. “Remember,” he adds, “we already know who likes baseball.”

But why Microsoft instead of Google? Spector says that for a long time the debate about dumb terminals and developed broadcasting over the Internet has been an interesting debate. Spector, an inventor with hundreds of patents, has the greatest respect for both sides. However, he believes that while websites themselves (and portals such as AOL and MSN) might become more sophisticated, the public policy concerns over information will require smart PC’s, and for that Microsoft is the King. In many ways, while Wall Street does not appreciate what is arguably the greatest company in the history of the world, Microsoft is far from stagnant.

Donald Spector, whose passion is heath and education; he is Chairman of New York College of Health Professions (, has developed systems for teaching children at early ages using baby phonics. He says, “It is a disgrace that the child’s brain is most accepting of learning in the first three years of life and we start education at age five. With computers we can narrow the digital divide and give children a better start.” Spector has also noticed that his patent portfolios dedicated to children are of great use to the aged. “The elderly know how to communicate, but the people in the hospitals don’t have time to understand them. Many children know what elderly people are trying to say, but someone at the hospital just doesn’t have the time. Computers can provide an interface to help children and the infirmed,” he explains. “And the power of software in PC’s and other devices has not even begun. How short sighted are the analysts who don’t understand that we have not started to use computers for all kinds of everyday applications in health, education and lifestyle. It is the Microsofts of the world that have this vision in front of them, and they are being discounted by those with myopic vision.” Spector intends to donate a portion of his proceeds to New York College, as well as other health institutions, that need help into the future. Unlike Bill Gates, Spector sees health as an endemic politic problem that is not just waiting for cures but is being undercut by global development in developing nations and multinational corporations without regard for longer term consequences. When asked about the fact that he lives off multinational corporations, Spector replied, “It is not one or the other. We have to be more creative if we are going to reverse the Darwinian forces on the planet in the name of compassion.”

In any event, Microsoft will have the first crack at the Geo-positioning technologies of Innovation Fund, a move that might make the first movers of the world gain a bit more respect for the giants of industry and those that have envisioned the future for a while.

Innovation Fund LLC owns proprietary technologies from Computer and Satellite technologies to Consumer products and Entertainment properties. It licenses to or joint ventures with Fortune 500 companies and is a worldwide leader in innovation.

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