Renowned Author, Margaret Marr Releases an Anthology That Preserves the Voice of the American Soldier

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Voice of a Soldier is a conglomeration of true stories, fiction, and poetry that represent the acts of bravery, tears, laughter, love, and friendship of American soldiers from past battles to present battles. They will make you laugh, make you cry, make you proud and make you think. Most of all, it exemplifies the true inspiration of the American soldier.

Since the birth of this great nation in 1776, Americans have laid down their lives to defend our country. During the 230 years that have passed since those brave colonists declared their independence, this land has grown from 13 British colonies in to 50 strong and United States of America. This achievement, however, came with a hefty price tag. A price not measured in dollars, but in the sacrifices of American soldiers and their families who stood boldly behind the Stars and Stripes benefiting every generation that has followed. We often hear the stories of the great battles and the famous generals, but we rarely hear the stories of the average soldier who wore the uniform and made the same sacrifices each and every day…until now.

Author Margaret Marr has compiled an extraordinary anthology, sure to touch the heart of every American, entitled Voice of a Soldier: Operation Liberty An Anthology of Heroism. The book not only tells the story of the soldiers who’ve fought and died for this country, but the families they left behind while fighting to keep this country free.

Book reviewer, Ann Marie Bradley says: “Grab the Kleenex box before you sit down to read this book. You will shed tears of joy and sorrow while reading these poignant stories of honor and bravery. These short stories and poems show the contributing authors' gratitude to Veterans in all branches of service. The stories are gripping, thought provoking, and real…This anthology gives the reader a feeling of the selfless contributions and sacrifices made by men and women whose only driving force was protecting the freedoms that the people of the USA still enjoy today. It evokes a feeling of intense patriotism in these times of global uncertainty. Makes me proud to be an American! After reading these stories, I wanted to run up the flag and sing the Star Spangled Banner! God bless America!”

Ms. Peggy Baker, mother of a soldier and founder of Operation First Response contributed the foreword to this extraordinary anthology. Proceeds from Voice of a Soldier: Operation Liberty will support her organization Operation First Response ( and Wounded Warriors ( These organizations were specifically created to assist wounded veterans, their families and current soldiers who are spread abroad in need of gear and supplies.

When asked why she undertook this enormous task, Ms. Marr replied, “It was the least that I could do. I have lived my life under the very blanket of freedom these brave men and women have provided for me. The least we all can do is to honor their sacrifices.”

To read an excerpt and the foreword from Voice of a Soldier: Operation Liberty, visit This Independence Day, don’t just celebrate our country’s independence, but let’s honor the men and women who have provided and are providing the red, white and blue blanket of freedom we all enjoy. Voice of a Soldier: Operation Liberty is available at bookstores around the country, as well as Barnes and Noble Online (, and Books-a-Million Online (

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