New Custom Anabolic Stacks Give Steroid Like Results

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The Supplement Experts At Teach Effective Ways To Stack Supplements For Steroid-Like Results.

I Can’t Believe How Big I Got In Just 8 Weeks

Every day another new pill is touted as the next great steroid alternative. With today’s “Fix It Quick” attitude, its no wonder these products are so popular. But the truth is, Anabolic steroids have such a wide range of benefits that there is no single pill or substance that can safely or legally substitute for using them. No matter what “supplement chemists” or “steroid guru’s” tell you.

You can however, through creative supplement choices, get close. The right “stack” or combination of supplements can produce amazing “steroid like” results. Now you can minimize negative side effects without sacrificing the positive effects.

But that’s the question… which stack is the best for you?

When you look at what is available at GNC type stores across the nation it’s no wonder people are confused about what to take and how to take it. This is where the pros at really shine – helping you find the right product or stack for you! has a number of different custom stacks ranging from “Basic Needs” to “Barely Legal”. It’s the Barely Legal stack, in particular, stands out from the rest. It’s a full 12-week cycle that is strategically designed to optimize your anabolic hormones while focusing on pre workout energy and post workout recovery.

The aptly named 8 Week “I Can’t Believe How Big I Got In Just 8 Weeks” cycle is a very close second.

It combines a hard to find, soon-to-be-banned anabolic from Gaspari Nutrition called Halodrol 50 with Dynadrol from IMPACT Nutrition and RX5 Muscle Recovery System from Red X Labs. This all ads up to a potent mixture of three “monster anabolics” that are certain to put you in an anabolic state throughout the entire cycle.

Some benefits of the 8 Week Advanced Cycle Include:

  • Increased energy and aggression. Often called “roid rage” this can be an overwhelming feeling. But when constructively channeled during a workout, nothing compares to testosterone-induced energy
  • Accelerated recovery time. With anabolic steroids, your muscles can utilize the nutrients in your food to recover 3 to 4 times faster and more completely than without. This is where the majority of muscle growth takes place… during recovery.
  • Slight water retention. Some consider this a bad thing because it adds a smooth texture to your muscles. But water retention is important for lubricating the muscle and joint tissue as well as transporting nutrients to your muscles.

“I’ve used Nandrolone and Sustenon [illegal anabolic steroids] with great results.” says Dan Brown, personal trainer and expert supplement advisor to the team. “I know how it feels to be on steroids and I can tell you from first hand experience, the 8 Week Advanced Cycle is as good as the real thing… possibly even better!”

It is better. Better because it’s very effective and its LEGAL. This cycle was designed to work similar to steroids while minimizing the risk of steroid induced side effects. The best of both worlds!

The innovative attitude shines in their fat burning weightloss stacks as well.

However, these “steroid-like” stacks are NOT for everyone. strictly enforces their policy to refuse the sale of such supplement stacks to teens or to athletes tested for anabolic steroids.

“We do our best to make sure everyone who purchases our products is of legal age and understands the risks involved when taking such potent anabolics. Everything we sell is legal and effective for normal healthy adult men.”

If you would like more information on the custom anabolic stacks at go to and click on “Stacks and Cycles” or call toll free at 1-888-987-7748. specializes in Select, Proven Bodybuilding Supplements and Steroids Alternatives. Competitive Prices and Excellent Service!

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