Commentary by Net Neutrality and Internet Analyst Scott Cleland Featured on NPR

Share Article chairman, Scott Cleland, speaks out against Net Neutrality. NPR Morning Edition opinion piece uncovers special interests behind US Senate network neutrality legislation.

Today on NPR Morning Edition, Scott Cleland, Chairman of, reveals the special interests behind proposed net neutrality legislation and discusses how network neutrality is really a choice between a government controlled socialized Internet and a market driven system. To read more on net neutrality and listen to Cleland’s commentary, visit

Cleland’s net neutrality commentary presents three facts:

1) “Net neutrality is a misnomer. It’s really just special-interest legislation dressed up to sound less self-serving. Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are lobbying for net neutrality. If they are successful, they’ll get a special low government-set price for bandwidth they use while everyone else — consumers, businesses, and government — will have to pay a competitive price for bandwidth.”

2) “Net neutrality would be a 180-degree reversal of the government’s highly successful policy to promote competition and not regulate the Internet. Network neutrality proponents don’t have any real evidence of a problem, only unsubstantiated assertions about hypothetical problems.”

3) “Net neutrality legislation would be a lousy trade-off for consumers. Price regulation would destroy any economic incentive to innovate and invest in the private networks that make up the Internet. Over time, we would end up with a slower Internet, higher broadband prices and taxes, less broadband choice, slower broadband deployment, and less privacy online for all Americans as net neutrality would require more government monitoring and surveillance of Internet traffic.”

Cleland concludes, “In short, don’t be fooled by the superficial appeal of net neutrality legislation. The idea is rotten at the core because it is a heavy-handed fix to a nonexistent problem, and it is a lousy cost-benefit trade-off for consumers.”

About Scott Cleland

Scott Cleland is one of nation's foremost techcom analysts and experts at the nexus of: capital markets, public policy and techcom industry change. He is widely-respected in industry, government, media and capital markets as a forward thinker, free market proponent, and leading authority on the future of communications. For more information visit:

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