Poetical Relationships by Robert Tabor Offers Unique Impressions and Abstractions About the Cosmos, the Scientific World, and Original Cause

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Increasingly there is renewed interest regarding relationships between science and religion as in discussions of the theory of evolution. Poetical Relationships helps to clarify issues by viewing nature, science and the cosmos in a novel, philosophical manner by means of impressionisms which lead to new insights.

Presented are unique reflections on subjects including evolution, aesthetics, quantum mechanics, and other intriguing topics using the prism of poetical phraseology to reveal novel perceptions.

Philosophy had once been the domain of certain thinkers who often sought answers to metaphysical questions by making use of accurate observation, deduction, and the use of logic which laid the basis for the scientific method. However, as science began to describe the world, it was realized that findings from science had major philosophical implications; thus the process has come full circle and increasingly scientists are writing about the philosophical and metaphysical implications of science.

From being a specialist in science, the author transforms himself to become an observer, much as a passenger on a train, of nature, science, and the cosmos enabling him to develop new insights regarding original cause. He assembles the philosophical and metaphysical observations into a collection of literary impressions and abstractions.

About The Author
Robert Tabor earned his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Case Western Reserve University. His background as a scientist enhanced his exploration into philosophy and metaphysics. Dr. Tabor has published numerous scientific articles and now resides in Austin, Texas.

For more information, please contact the author at Rtablink@aol.com

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Poetical Relationships
Robert Tabor
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Enthusiastically recommended reading, "Poetical Relationships" is a unique volume of impressive poetry whose substantial themes touch upon twenty diverse subjects ranging from aesthetics, to quantum mechanics, humanism, entropy, and more. A gifted writer and poet, Robert Tabor is able to express in verse reflective commentary about science, logic, philosophy, and the cosmos. 'Action at a Distance1: Action at a distance, as Newton's gravity proposed,/Einstein had not liked/'Invisible Hands' reaching to pull objects to masses and the Earth.//Reductionism, action at a distance seems not support,/Where everything must be together linked by concepts known./The classical much can explain with reductionism as its path./Curved space, the linkages does preserve./The "falling object" to space is fastened/And space to the other mass is linked.//Science could not the linkages of action at a distance see;/Perhaps hidden they may be,/but, if so, without proofs were accepted not/But the naive poet must ask, what about magnetism and static's cling,/Are there different curved spaces for them too?/Or have they been accounted for by other means?//But contrarily, though quantum mechanics a set of laws too obeys,/However, action at a distance seems allowed./thus, a dialogue ensues.//To some kind of force as the old gravity might we return?/Or does space need to be further yet defined?/Or will a new holism need developed be which the views can unify?/Perhaps another, yet hidden, linkage will clarify.


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