Hot Vegetable Defense Roasts Assailants In Heat Flash

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One of every three women will be the victim of a violent crime in their lifetime. There is a now highly disguised, very effective way for women to protect themselves in this increasingly crime crazy environment.

What looks like harmless lipstick could spell big trouble for criminal assailants in the years to come. Safety Technology CEO Mike Gravette said today, “Anyone “kissed by this lipstick is going to have a serious problem, for at least thirty minutes and maybe longer.”

The innocuous looking lipstick, which is available in a variety of colors, carries a scorpion like sting that will drop any size assailant quickly, and enable the intended victim to get to safety.

The lipstick, called Pepper Shot 10% Plus -- - is a scorching hot pepper spray contained in a lipstick tube. It carries a flaming 2 million Scoville Heat Units in 6-10 one second blasts; a little like washing your face in habanera pepper juice, the world’s hottest pepper.

The spray is extremely effective, even against psychotics, drunks, and drug addicts. It also works well on dogs, and other animals.

Pepper Shot 10%Plus contains pure oleoresin capsicum, which is made from the hottest part of a habanera pepper. A one second spray penetrates the eyes, nose, and mouth, and works on the assailants respiratory system, rendering them temporarily incapacitated. The lethal lipstick also contains a dye that identifies an assailant to the police.

Gravette recommends that you shouldn’t just buy the product, you should learn how to use it.

The Safety Technology - - CEO says, “Buying a personal protection product is great, but learning how to use it is just as important. You should purchase multiple units, one to practice with, and another to carry.

You should take the product outside, aim it at a wall, fire it, know its range. You don’t want to be in a situation where you have never used the product. Those extra seconds count.”

Gravette cautions against practicing indoors, saying you could have to wait several hours before you could go back in the house.

Safety Technology has been in the personal protection field for over twenty years, currently stocking over 800 personal protection products, marketed through a network of over 4000 distributors nationwide.


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