Arguments Over the Exact Location of Waterville Described in Peter De Witt's Book “Toaster Pond” That was Just Shipped to Bookstores

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What if your small town was more than it seemed? What if something you thought was a gift was starting to look like a curse? Doug Manion, newly thirteen, has been hearing voices: at best, they help him catch unsuspecting opponents in the increasingly competitive games of hide-and-seek he and his friends play; at their worst—and strangest—they let him overhear his parents' plans to send him to boarding school. These plans have to wait, however, when Doug and two friends take a fateful dip in Toaster Pond and end up in a parallel world. Surfacing in a town called Sangerfield, they are no longer just boys playing games; they are the best hope of Lord Eisenhut to find the Gem of Gicalma, a powerful stone that will protect Sanger Castle from the attacks of Ludicrous Zwevil. Doug and his friends must win this game of hide-and-seek—for this time they are playing for their lives.

Waterville isn’t a traveler’s destination. It’s a place they travel through, without more than a passing glance. It’s a farm town that even people who live close by, aren’t sure exactly where it is. Which is too bad, because it holds Toaster Pond...and three extraordinary teenagers.

“Toaster Pond isn’t a normal pond,” say the author Peter de Witt. “Just like, Doug Manion, Skip Corbin, and Pierce Butterworth aren’t normal teenagers. When Toaster Pond and the three Waterville teens meet for one fateful dip on a hot summer day, an adventure ensues. All because they won a simple game of Hide and Seek…that wasn’t so simple.”

“When you scratch the surface, Toaster Pond is a place to cool off on a hot day.” Continues the author de Witt. “When you swim down deeper, Toaster Pond is a portal to Sanger Castle. A very magical castle, in the very magical land of Sangerfield. And it’s all governed by Lord Eisenhut. A formerly “deceased” Waterville resident. Life that is magical, is also dangerous. Ludicrous Zwevil, from a long line of Zwevil’s, brings the danger. Living in Shadow Forest isn’t good enough for her. She wants it all! That includes Sanger Castle. All for her very own. And whether they like it or not, Doug, Skip, and Pierce have to stop her.”

The book (ISBN 1933255218) has already attracted attention after some TV interviews with the author.

“People are calling in to ask about the exact location of Waterville so they can visit during the summer,” says publisher Alex Nartea.

"Will middle schoolers fall to the charms of a book that has the heroes doing farm chores? They likely will when that book blends reality with the unlimited imaginations of what could happen when the place you live in is much more magical than you suspected. For those readers of all ages, learning about the fantasy world of Waterville will be a delight,” said Patty Louise, publisher of The Waterville Times in Waterville, New York state.

This adventure/fantasy novel is written for children, ages nine and up, but it can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Written by an elementary school teacher/adjunct professor of education, Toaster Pond incorporates all the elements that Peter de Witt looks for when he reads to his students. Once he had the dream of writing a nail-biting novel for kids, now that dream is a reality. And the real town of Waterville is the perfect setting for that dream to come true.

“I love a good novel that gets students excited, and pushes them to actively read. Incorporating science, adventure, fantasy, and some true settings made the story incredibly fun to write. I got lost in my computer for days at a time. I hope kids and adults get enveloped in the book and love to read it as much as I loved to write it,“ wrote Mr. de Witt.

Mr. De Witt lives in Albany, NY. He has been teaching elementary school for eleven years, and has been a part-time professor for three. He teaches in the Graduate School of Education at The College of Saint Rose. In addition, he has his advanced study degree in school administration, and hopes to soon be an elementary school principal.

The book is available at and through our distributor IPG Books Ingram, Baker&Taylor and other book wholesalers distribute it. It can be found at as well as wherever books are sold.

Book details:

ISBN 1933255218

Book binding: Paperback

Pages: 210

Price: $14.95


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